Naim Muso switching off

Posted by: Andkee on 02 January 2019

Hi can somebody help?

Happy new year!

I bought the muso about three months ago to replace my zeppelin. On News years eve i had a party at my place with the muso playing the music. Now it was up quite loud volume wise but as the evening progressed the muso started to switch itself off. The ring would would flash with segments lit up and there was nothing you could do with it, Then about 5 minutes later it would seem to do a reboot, then it would play again for another half hour of so. I cant find any information of why. I am assuming it is overheating or something. I touched the heat sync on the back and although it was warm it wasn't hot. i was using it with itunes and airplay. I had to get the zeppelin back out to finish the evening.

Is there a fault with my muso?


Posted on: 02 January 2019 by Brian H

What is it like now?

Posted on: 02 January 2019 by Andkee

its running now but i am not running at high volume. I haven't had it before, i have run it at high volume before but not for the extent of new years eve. That's why i was grasping at the maybe overheat. I did do the update for it about a week before but it all seemed to go ok.