BBC Bros Documentary

Posted by: rodwsmith on 03 January 2019

There's no way in a million years I would have watched a programme about Bros, the eighties pop twin-duo, but a friend told me it was a laugh-a-minute and well worth it. So I did. I recommend others do likewise, it out Spinal-Tap's Spinal Tap. 

"Bros - After the Screaming Stops" on BBC player currently.

Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian:

"If you can imagine a Traveling Wilburys-type combo of Alan Partridge on drums, Nigel Tufnel on guitar and David Brent on vocals (and maybe Les McQueen as manager), you’ll have some idea of the tragicomic self-importance summoned up by the Bros reunion and the extraordinarily solemn thoughts being shared by the brothers in the run-up to the big show."

Posted on: 03 January 2019 by GraemeH

Watched it last night - Epic. Duh doof doof dum dum doof...dum...dum.


Posted on: 03 January 2019 by Kevin-W

Loved it. Grolschtoptastic!

Posted on: 03 January 2019 by mfan

The unexpected hit of the Xmas schedule.  I'd also highly recommend 'The story of Anvil'.

Posted on: 03 January 2019 by Jonners

I recall reading somewhere the bass player (lampooned mercilessly as "Ken" in Viz comic), had become pretty successful in the music biz and built quite an empire. Maybe the Goss brothers should stick to acting, one of them was a baddie in a Blade film and I thought he wasn't half bad. Mind you, there wasn't much dialogue LOL!

Posted on: 03 January 2019 by TOBYJUG

Torn bleach wash denim combo this summers fash have.

Posted on: 03 January 2019 by GraemeH

“When two worlds collide...”