Streaming Qobuz via Bubble UPNP/Kazoo

Posted by: Nagual on 03 January 2019

dear forumites

a plea to those more technicially savvy  than me - nearly all of you im thinking. When I was first advised to install bubble on my NAS and use Kazoo to navigate my Qobuz account playing to the NDS it was all too easy it seems. The app could be a little sticky but the connection was solid and sounded great. Having replaced the NDS with ND555 things are not nearly so smooth. Right now the connection is stuttering to the point itís unlistenable. Iíve also noticed that it seems to default to the built in chromecast. Maybe this is the problem. Given the NDS did not even have this feature how can I replicate the more reliable connection I once had?  Any advice would be gratefully received. 

Posted on: 03 January 2019 by ChrisSU

I've used BubbleUPnP (on Synology) on both my NDX and Atom, and it seems to work fine on both, so it is certainly capable of working on the new Naim streaming platform. I've only used the Lumin app, rather than Kazoo - maybe you could try that if you haven't already? I should add that I haven't tried it with Qobuz, only Tidal and local servers, so maybe Qobuz is the issue. Certainly, others have reported that Qobuz/Bubble on the new Naim streamers has had other issues, such as no gapless support. 

Posted on: 03 January 2019 by HardBop

Iíve just bought a second hand ND5XS from my dealer and installed bubbleupnp server for streaming music from my PC with Plex Media Server and using Lumin app. on IPad for Qobuz. Needed this set up as I wanted the better choice on Qobuz than Tidal for jazz and classical. Seems to work very well. Previously I used CCA with the issue of non-gapless playback.

Posted on: 04 January 2019 by Nagual

Cheers both, the Lumin app sounds interesting.  I discovered after my post that my QNAP was due a firmware update.  This can disrupt smooth playback on occasions so im hoping its this.  I will find out tonight.  Kazoo is definitely more laggy with the ND555 than it was with the NDS and i cant help thinking chromecast is respnsible but i dont really understand how these things work.  I had to reinstall bubble and the app so that it would at least recognise the ND555 and forget the NDS but i sort of expected that to be the case.

Posted on: 04 January 2019 by Camlan


I use Lumin to control bubbleupnp installed on my QNAP to stream Qobuz to an ND555 with absolutely no problems. I did have to reinstall bubble on the QNAP at the outset although that may have been my lack of tech knowhow rather than any real need. I tried to copy and paste my bubbleupnp app music renderer control panel but it won't paste properly. Just make sure 'create an open home rendered is ticked'.

Posted on: 04 January 2019 by Nagual

Thanks Camlan.  yeah i got that ticked. didnt have to do it for the NDS - in fact i hadnt even configured Bubble the first time it just seemed to find the NDS and was good to go. im really hoping the QNAP update will have fixed the drop outs i experienced last night

Posted on: 04 January 2019 by Nagual

Well Lumin is a very nice app. Lots of info easily accessible and seems straightforward to navigate and quite quick. Thanks for the tip. Iíve also manage to turn off chromecast transcoding and playback now seems smooth and flowing. Thanks all

Posted on: 04 January 2019 by ChrisSU

Glad to hear you're up and running again - let's hope it stays that way.