Nova & Ethernet remote options

Posted by: Loki Tioman on 03 January 2019

Hi everyone,

Glad to be here. I’ve just moved from a Primare i30 amp to the Uniti Nova and continue to be impressed by the improvement in sound as well as the functionality.

I previously streamed Tidal from a Yamaha Musicast and used an Ethernet connection to speed up some of the slowness Tidal occasionally exhibits over WiFi. I had planned to do the same with the Nova but there’s a technical hitch: when Ethernet is plugged in, the app can’t find the Nova anymore.  It’s on the same network, but just not visible over WiFi through the router.

Anybody experienced this? I’m sure I’m missing something blindingly obvious and will kick myself for making this my first post... but thanks in advance for your considered input.


Posted on: 04 January 2019 by Klout10

That's strange indeed, this should work without any problems. Are you sure both are on the same network? And that no 'ethernet-over-mains' plugs or WiFi extenders are being used?

Is this a pre-owned Uniti Nova? If so, a factory reset might help ...

Posted on: 04 January 2019 by Simon-in-Suffolk

Yes this sounds not so unusual... as a suggestion you need to log into your router/Wifi access point.. look to see if there is a setting called ‘IGMP Snooping’ and or ‘Wifi multicast’. Ensure multicast is enabled and try togglining IGMP snooping off.

You should ideally have IGMP snooping on, as it prevents wasted use of your Wifi bandwidth, but if it has interoperability issue with your Naim equipment, then you need to disable.

Ultimately it might be a limitation of your presumably consumer home network equipment if you can’t change the settings as above and it is that that is causing the issue and so you might need to change it. It slightly concerns me about your comment of occasional ‘slowness’ of Tidal on wifi.. on the relatively low bandwidths it uses that should not happen unless you are really marginal on your Wifi coverage.

Also please check your Wifi clients can talk and see other clients on your home network...


Posted on: 04 January 2019 by solwisesteve

Just wondering.... is the Nova still set to use it's wifi as the network connection rather than LAN port?

Posted on: 04 January 2019 by ChrisSU

First things first....restart your router!

Posted on: 05 January 2019 by Loki Tioman

Thanks everyone, it was a more prosaic solution.... hiding on my primary network, just had it plugged into the wrong hub! Figured I’d missed something obvious. Really appreciate all the helpful posts though, glad to be part of this community.