Ashes 2019

Posted by: thebigfredc on 03 January 2019

I know its bit early but hey there is cricket going on in the southern hemisphere.

I caught a bit of SA on telly last night and it was great to see Dale Steyn back in action and taking wickets.

And India are piling on the first innings runs against the Aussies in the forth test and already have a 2-1 lead. The hosts single win took place at the new Perth stadium which looks fantastic. 

There is a lot of talk coming out of the Aussie camp about looking forward to the return of Warner and Smith to the team in March 19. Some suggested the cheating scandal marked the end of Warner's test match career - it would appear not.

So roll on August. I was lucky enough to get tickets for me and yon lad for the first day of the first test in the Hollies stand at Edgbaston.


Posted on: 03 January 2019 by Bruce Woodhouse

I have tickets for an Ashes day too, and for a couple of World Cup matches (not England though).

I must admit I am surprised if Warner is picked again having been painted as the main architect of an event that seemed to be such a blow to the Aussie sporting psyche. I am happy to say they have done their term and move on. The side clearly needs them looking at the performances at home against India.

I have dipped in and out of the Aussie v India commentary this winter and one thing that strikes is the state of the wickets-generally flat and not even that fast or bouncy.  They don't seem to do the game a lot of favours to the Aussie bowlers in particular. I'm also hearing a bit of debate about Australia switching from Kookaburra to the Duke ball too as recent supplies of the former seems to have given less and less. I think they have switched in some layers below elite cricket already.

In competition with the shorter formats Test cricket needs to ensure games have a fair bit of balance between bat and ball. One sided or dull matches don't help anyone. It is however still great to hear big crowds in Australia for example on Boxing Day and I'm sure the Ashes will sell out.

I think England may well win the Ashes and have a huge chance in the ODI World Cup too.


(PS arise Sir Alistair Cook-well deserved. his last innings brought a big lump to my throat last year)