Best Compromise

Posted by: Bryce Curdy on 05 January 2019

System 1 is a hyprid Hi-Fi / Home Cinema including a CD555/555PSDR, NAC552DR, NAP300DR as well as an Oppo203 UltraHD Player and Apple TV3.

System 2 is an Atom with a NAS Drive and most of my music library in FLAC.  My iTunes library is an MP3 'mirror' of the NAS library (I have a modified 512GB iPod Classic).

If I want to stream on System 1 I think I have the following options:

1.  I can stream FLAC using the Oppo and it sounds pretty respectable but I can only sort by Album or Artist/Track, not Artist/Album or (my own preference) Album Artist/Album.  Am I missing a trick?

2.  I can stream using Apple TV3 but in MP3.

3.  I could add a FLAC (or should that be ALAC?) version in iTunes but time consuming and not sure how the duplicates would present within iTunes.  Would the higher quality version be readily identifiable?  Would iTunes look messy?

4.  I could create a separate iTunes FLAC/ALAC library but time consuming.

Any thoughts Forum members?

Posted on: 05 January 2019 by Bryce Curdy

I donít have the funds for an ND555 (and not convinced I would buy one even if I did).

Is there something I could do with Airplay2?  Hopefully not a stupid question.