Alex Salmond

Posted by: Jonners on 08 January 2019

Just read that Alex Salmond has won his case against the Scottish Government, of course he's not out of the woods yet as the Police enquiry is still ongoing. Judge Lord Pentland subsequently ruled that the government's actions had been "unlawful in respect that they were procedurally unfair" and had been "tainted with apparent bias".

I am no supporter of Mr.Salmond but I found the Scottish Government's response from its Permanent Secretary, a Ms.Evans, to be disappointing: "......apologise to all involved for the failure in the proper application of this one particular part of the procedure".

Sounds like a case of sour grapes to me but at least the 100k in legal fees it took for Mr.Salmond to defend his reputation (raised via well-wishers and supporters), will be met by the Scottish Government and paid back into good causes. 


Posted on: 09 January 2019 by Christopher_M

Salmond off the hook. (On a procedural technicality).

Posted on: 09 January 2019 by Dozey

It was a point which went to the heart of "Natural Justice".

So a fundamental principle rather than a procedural technicality, I would argue.

Posted on: 09 January 2019 by Christopher_M
Dozey posted:

"Natural Justice".

Please explain what this is.

Posted on: 09 January 2019 by Dozey

Wiki is your friend. The right to a fair hearing, and an absence of bias.