MFSL Bob Dylan

Posted by: richard999 on 08 January 2019

Oh Mercy is shipping soon on a double 45rpm AAA pressing done by the guys at MFSL. I just put a pre-order in! This is probably my favourite Dylan album. I have a few copies of it and they all sound amazing so I'm looking forward to what MFSL have managed to do...:-)

Posted on: 08 January 2019 by AndyP19

The unmistakable sound of Daniel Lanois and Malcolm Burn.

Posted on: 08 January 2019 by ChrisG


Where  did you order it from?




Posted on: 09 January 2019 by Wugged Woy

Any news of the promised SACD of Oh Mercy ?

Posted on: 09 January 2019 by fathings cat

There has been a long running thread on the Hoffman forum so very pleased this is getting closer to release. 

The original sounds superb so really interesting to see if they improve. 

This is a great Dylan album, right up there with his best work.


Posted on: 13 January 2019 by cycling66

Oh Mercy MoFi SACD is now available. I ordered mine from Bear Tree Records. It will be interesting to see how the SACD compares to the high resolution download.