Can I use my unitilite with my TV?

Posted by: bob60 on 11 January 2019

hi everyone 

i have the Unitilite with Focal Aria 906 speakers and I have just bought a Loewe OLED TV.

i Donít have room for a soundbar, would it be possible to listen to the TV through my Focal speakers or are they not designed for TV sound?

my TV has Bluetooth if that helps

many thanks

Posted on: 11 January 2019 by Pcd

Assuming your TV has a digital out you should be able to connect this to a digital in on the Unitilite I do this with my Humax box works well.

Posted on: 11 January 2019 by fred47

Having the same problem. My Pana has a digital out. But should I  connect  the Pana into the Nova or or my Humax cable box into the Nova. 

Posted on: 11 January 2019 by bob60

Thanks for the reply

whay do you do this with your Humax box? I only ask as I have the same box.

Posted on: 11 January 2019 by Richard Dane

Fred, if you have a number of sources going in to the TV then you might just want to have the one audio connection between TV and Uniti, all devices having their audio routed through the TV and then on to the Uniti.  

One thing though that you need to ensure is that the digital signal to the Uniti is only 2 channel PCM and not multichannel Bitstream (your TV should have a setting in the setup menu for this).  Only other issue with a digital connection can be latency.  Better TVs now have lip sync controls, but it yours doesn't then you may find that an analogue connection has lower latency, and hence better lip sync.  It varies from model to model and brand to brand, so something you just have to try out for yourself and see (and hear).

Posted on: 11 January 2019 by Pcd

My Human box is Freesat which I much prefer it is connected to the Unitilite via the Analouge sockets and I can control the volume via the Human Remote. The Human box in nearing ten years old not sure if the newer ones have the analogue out facility.

The Panasonic TV is connected via one of the digital inputs on the Unitilite and is a fixed output therefore the volume is controlled via the Naim app or Remote.

If you connect your digital out of the TV to one of the digital inputs of the Unitilite this will work fine in fact this is how I have my Samsung connected in my main system you can rename the input to suit.

Trust this helps.