Tellurium Q graphite speaker cables

Posted by: Homeaway on 12 January 2019

Hello all.

First time post but been hanging around a while.

I am looking to try some new cables and have found some used Tellurium q graphite for less than half full original asking price.

Apparently these used to be TQs flagship speaker cable. I realise they might be a bit of overkill for my system but the price is less than ultra blacks as we speak.

Has anyone any history with these? 

for reference my system right now is.....

nd5xs, Nait xs2, proac d20r, hi cap dr, sometitan audio power supplies, naca5, and TQ black din to din.

thanks for your time.


Posted on: 13 January 2019 by CariocaJeff

I use Graphites in my predominantly non naim system and thought they improved on anything else I tried when I bought them from new 5 or 6 years ago. Have not heard the Tellurium statement cables, but never thought the replacements speaker cables for the graphite, and others they have released since, are much improvement on the graphite. As far as interconnects go the black diamond was to me a big step up from the graphites.


Posted on: 13 January 2019 by Homeaway

Thanks Jeff.

thanks for insite.

luckily enough some black diamond jumpers are available too.

all the best 

Posted on: 13 January 2019 by wenger2015

I have a set of TQ graphite interconnects, all I can say is they are superb... provide a wonderful soundstage.

sounds like you have found a bargain