Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber C20 from PSI Audio

Posted by: 911gt3r on 13 January 2019

Hi Folks.

Have anybody had a dem of the above ingenious contraption, which has been patented and launched recently. As most of us have bass issues this could be the way to go due to their size, which would neatly make a pair blend in to virtually any listening environment very neatly. A pair of these in the corners behind the speakers equals the effect of 3 cubic mtrs of conventional bass trapping and the price of a box upgrade roughly £4 K. Anyone?  ATB Peter

Posted on: 13 January 2019 by Bart

Peter I think you should try to get a couple on loaner.  Looks fascinating.  Could well "solve" the bass boom in my room.  $4k for a pair isn't BAD; when I saw the videos I assumed more.  I'll ask my local dealer if he's getting a pair in.

Posted on: 13 January 2019 by 911gt3r

Hi Bart.

Considering how much we have/are spending on our systems I personally think also that this isnít bad to make a system perform to its best in the room it is in. Once I get my gear back from Naim ( CD555/ 500), I will look at the bank balance and also ensure, that the active absorbers  can be shipped back to Germany, where the nearest distributer is at present. This should they turn out to not perform as promised ( however having looked at the stats and the talks I do not believe they will disappoint tbh). I think Iím realistically facing 4 weeks without music, but will endeavour to bring this back up again. As the interest in room acoustic matters seem overwhelming, I am sure this Forum is gagging to know more.

Maybe you and I are the only ones here experiencing modal problems in our rooms ( taking aside Huge/ Innocent bystander whose input I am very grateful for on a previous thread). From a purely scientific point of view this is a somewhat surprising finding ???? and you almost wonder if people have actually been helped by divine intervention.

Anyhow I would prefer not to look at bass traps, if I can avoid it even in a dedicated listening room, and also I want to be able to play ALL my cds and not having to go ; ď Yeah sorry, this particular recording has got a lot of bass on itĒ.

ATB Peter