Bathroom zone....

Posted by: lamby2244 on 13 January 2019

Hello - I tried searching this one and couldn't find anything on it that was recent. 

I have and NDX2/200/282 in the lounge with B&W 805D3s, Atom with Neat Iotas in the office and an Atom with Arcam Musos in the kitchen. It sounds fantastic when I am just in general listening mode. 

Having switched from Sonos recently I am SOOOOOOO happy with my new set up - I used to have a whole house sonos system with a ZP90 into the NDac in the lounge. I enjoyed it but this is now something else I feel very lucky!

I do however miss a couple of things....

1. functionality - Sonos is so slick and I often go in circles with Naim and Tidal....

2. bathroom zone - I used to house a ZP120 in the loft and used B&W ceiling speakers. It was wonderful and we used it a whole load.....

Any suggestions on options.... I am guessing that when airplay 2 hits my options broaden? Currently I am not sure what to do.

Any suggestions welcome.

Posted on: 13 January 2019 by ChrisSU

Well, you could always put another Atom in the loft! Alternatively Roon works with both Sonos and Naim, so you could try that if you want to add the bathroom as a multiroom client. AirPlay should work too, if you run it from a Mac rather than iOS it will do multiroom without needing AirPlay 2.

Posted on: 14 January 2019 by kend

For the Bathroom i use a Denon envy bluetooth speaker linked to my iPhone situated in the dry, its not HiFi but works easily and the speaker is waterproof.