Cable talk

Posted by: Mrs Wogan's lemon drizzle cake on 14 January 2019

A bit of advice.
I recently completed my hi-fi setup with the last link in the chain, the USB cable from my digital source to my DAC. 
I got hold of the reputedly excellent AudioQuest Diamond USB Type A to Type B Data Cable on black friday:

However, I've noticed that, if anything, both Tech House and Berlin Smack-Haus genres sounds like they're a little 'browner', less transparent and far less danceable than the cheaper, but still acceptable, AQ Carbon:

Does anyone know whether the AQ needs burn-in? I know some apparently don't like the frankly overrated CAD Cable: 
Which was so shit it ended up in my printer. I'm getting much darker blacks and magenta certainly appears to be more vibrant now, but it's still a waste of money.

If it does, does anyone have a theory about how it should be burnt-in? Some say that using a cable conditioner is OK, but I hear that the current state of the science is to let it burn in naturally (i.e by initially focusing on genres such as Ivan Smagghe's Cognitive-Haus) in to avoid frazzled trebles, 'caramelised' mid-range and flabby bass.

I don't want to ruin such an important purchase, so any advice would be helpful.