Reassemble Allae alloy plinth to wooden cabinet.

Posted by: Weta on 14 January 2019


I just purchased a pair of Naim Allae speakers to replace my Credos.

The alloy speaker plinths and cross bar were removed during shipping, the manual does not detail how the alloy plinths are attached. I have tried googling pictures without much success.

Iím hoping someone can confirm my thinking for the assembly of the plinth. There is a half circle rubber washer, a metal washer, a plinth, and the crossbar.

There are a couple of ways the rubber washer can be fitted. My assumption is that the rubber washer goes between the the crossbar and the alloy plinth.  The metal washer is screwed to the plinth. This means the crossbar takes the weight of the speaker, and the crossbar rests on the rubber half circle washer, which rests on the plinth.

(I have loosely attached the crossbar to the lower cabinet as per the instructions for SL2s)

Thanks in advance. 


Posted on: 14 January 2019 by Peder

???? WETA,....You had the bad luck that it was an ignorant seller who packed your new Allae,..the alloy speaker plinths shall absolutely not be removed during transportation in the original box.

You probably won't get answers here,this forum closes in a few hours,..ask the same question on the new forum later today,or contact Naim HQ.

/Peder ????

Posted on: 14 January 2019 by Weta

Thanks Peder, 

I'll post again once the shiny new forum is up and running.