4.6 Upgrade to NaimUniti

Also you have to have the uniti connected both by the USB lead to your PC and by the PC and Uniti being connected to your router.

Your Uniti won't have to go back to the factory. Any Naim dealer will be able to do the update even if you can't.. You can't "brick" the unit by partially doing the update because the boot loader is not touched by the update. So it's always possible to restart the update.



That's what happened to my 172xs when I tried to update from a Laptop. It got stuck so I took it in to the dealer. They got it updated and it worked just fine but it was pulling a fault 61 Bridgeco. Naim Service recommended it be sent in to be checked. That was April 9th.


They said the Digital Media Board needed to be replaced. Which I ok'd and now they have found a supposed fault in the main board and say that now needs to be replaced. Everything worked perfect before. Moral of the story don't send it in to Naim if it works.

MyronB posted:


Upgrade got to 40% then halted stating "comms error", Retry did not work now the unit is unusable.

I  had similar problems with this update - I have the rs232 socket and not usb.

First try repeating the upgrade - this can be done even if your Uniti is showing the error merssage - you can restart as many times as you like in this state. If you are lucky this may solve your problem.

However, I ran the update about 20 times with it failing at various percentage levels.

The problem was rectified by buying the rs232 cable suggested by Phill Harris and downloading the correct drivers for the chip used in this cable.

The issue was not Naims but the cable/chip suppliers not updating the drivers since the last time I used it so the drivers in use were not fully compatibale with the pc operating system.

At least the new Naim devices have moved away from the PC/device requirement for upgrades.

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