555PS DR upgrade have bitten bullet

Hi all have just taken my PSU for a mega upgrade ......... I hope ... It will deliver ..... the NDS sounds fantastic with the old 555ps ........ I am finding hard to imagine where it can improve ........ time will tell .... i will report back accordingly.

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Richieroo posted:

Hi all have just taken my PSU for a mega upgrade ......... I hope ... It will deliver ..... 

Itchy fingers aka upgradis? It is often accompanied by the immediate depletion of funds for an often short-lived 'high' before another 'hit' is required to satiate another 'curiosity'. Welcome to upgradis 'anonymous': one may 'leave' whenever one chooses but one is always welcome 'back'.

Lindsay ......... when I fitted the 555ps to the 272 it made an enormous improvement - I think my words were 'Holy Bleep' .... followed by a huge grin ...... and a mammoth listening session........ I would think the already excellent CDS3 would be lifted by a very satisfying amount ........ there are SH 555 psu's around for some reasonable money....

The Strat (Fender) posted:

Richie - having just pressed go for a SC and having the HC for my SL DR’d the “final piece” will be sourcing a 555DR for my CDS3.   

All the best - enjoy the music when it comes back.  



One or two Hicaps on the 282 and sc on the superline?. I know that’s not your plan but if you’re tempted to give this a try borrow the right Burndy as a Snaic just doesn’t do it justice. Supercap and Snaxo use the same I believe.

I had the same idea but when I transfered the supercap to the superline I realised what I’d been missing. I didn’t do this until after the 552 however.

Anyway this is a 555ps thread, I also have a pre DR one which is around 9 years old. I thought I’d wait and compare it to a DR one when the 555 streamer comes out. At 3 1/2k for a service and doctoring it might have to wait anyway.

ayisgroovy posted:

I have a non DR 555PS powering digital side on NDS. Contemplating benefit of DR ing this and service as it’s 10yr old. I have 555PSDR powering  analogue side of NDS. 

Same here but only 6yr old. Wondering if there is any reasonable benefit to change it to DR version?

Hi all thanks for comments........

Just  a question Ayisgroovy .......... if the NDS can be powered by an XPS and a single burndy ........ it leads me to think that there is some form of common connection between the 2 power sockets on the NDS .......... this being the case .... when you use 2 x 555 ps .......... what is happening??? in particular in your case do you end up with a DR supply being buddied up and electrically connected to a non  DR supply???? Obviously you appear to have done the logical thing regarding the supplying the analogue side with the DR 555. .... and you can obviously hear an improvement ........ I just wondered what the psu pathways are........... can anyone clarify this...........

That's why you have a link plug into Burndy Input 2 on the NDS when using a single supply - some of the power supply rails are shared.  When you use the full fat, 2 burndy supply , the rails are fully split.

PS - See the NDS white paper here - it shows how the rails are split when using an XPS and a 555PS supply.

Richieroo posted:

All installed .... however whole system stone cold.....even so I can detect more detail....and a wider sound stage......but early days yet will feed back in around a week....

That’s good to hear, I’m sure it will just get better and better.... enjoy 

Everything has been powered up now for around 5 days ...... so far more:-  detail, openness,  apparent and top end even more refined.... the effect is like a relaxed effortlessness.....  The above is not an epic difference over the 555ps .... but so far a worthwhile improvement is definitely there ..... and will possibly improve yet more.... I am very pleased so far.... will keep you posted in  a couple of weeks....

Nice one Richieroo. I borrowed a 555DR and 552DR supply for my 555CD and 552 and was very impressed with that new level of realism I gained! This prompted me to think about the best DR step and decided that I had to have my 500 done first. Now I'm eagerly awaiting it's return!

Oooh...I've just noticed on 'Hi-fi for Sale' that there's a full Statement up for grabs! Maybe I shouldn't have been so hasty! That looks to be a saving of £50k off the new price! Some lucky blighter's going to get a bargain!



I've been lucky enough to hear a Statement in a domestic setting with 800's and it completely changed my perception of recorded music. There was information that was being reproduced that the 552 completely misses. The system not only reproduces music it seemed to reveal the micro acoustics of the recorded venue. This is to such a degree that you'd swear you were there, right down to the seat and row number!

OK have had a good session ... this is a superb upgrade ..... wonderful extra insitefull detail .... more boogie factor, more realism to voices and inflections and more accurate well timed bass .... superb. The treble quality is sublime.....the tiny pmc's never cease to amaze me.

4.6 was released to upgrade mutiroom capabilities, Tidal stability and also the DSP code was updated that does affect (improve) sound quality. After much faffing around (some had no problems) I have updated from 4.4 to 4.6 firmware on my NDS and have enjoyed a significant improvement in SQ. See the thread about 4.6 and SQ in the Streaming Forum.

Go to the Naim website and go to Customer Support and then Updates I think it is and you will see the download to get you started and the 4.6 update.

Well worth the effort IMHO.

Hi all... right...I installed 4.7 and I think there is an improvement....i am finding the bass is more defined and slightly deeper...the top end appears more open....the overall effect  is in my case positive and even more musical...very pleased...thanks for you guys informing me.

Richieroo, I hope you mean 4.6. If I have to go through that agro again to install 4.7, I am not sure my ticker could take it!

Glad you are enjoying the upgrade. Just out of interest did you do a factory reset on your NDS after the update?

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