6 Months of Crazy Fundraising

Richard, if this is against forum rules and not allowed then please delete and accept my apologies.  If it is allowed and anyone finds it offensive for me to post this here then again, in advance, please also accept my apologies.

My 12 year old son, Harley (Harley David's son, get it?) has just started 6 months of fundraising events in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust.  The events, in addition to bake sales and competitions in school etc, will include a 21 mile sponsored walk to Southport in October, a sponsored silence in January, a 10k sponsored run in March and Europe's fastest and longest zip wire in May.  His aim is to raise £1000.

Teenage cancer attracts much less support than others but can be devastating to young people at a key time of development, something the teenagers in Harley's school are well aware of having lost one of their school mates to cancer at age 12 two years ago.

If you would like to donate, and anything, no matter how little, would be very welcome and you can do so at Harley's just giving page which can be found at:


If you can't donate, and I know many people will be donating to many charities already, you can still help by sharing this message and the just giving page on social media etc.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes


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No not down the beach, thank the Lord.  We live in Haydock so it's a 21 miles walk which is a fair old challenge.  He's a decent runner and got good stamina but I still think he will find it hard, although a lot easier than his mum and I will find it I suspect.

Many thanks, by the way to those of you who have commented and kindly donated, very very much appreciated!

To those kind souls who sponsored my son's fund raising after I opened this thread I thought I'd let you know that, a little later than expected, we will be completing our sponsored walk to Southport this Saturday. Wish us luck, and many thanks again!  So far, with your help, he has raised just over £600 of his £1,000 target for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

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