A new speaker system Naim from the past to the future.

Good afternoon friends. Comes in 2018, and I have major changes in the system.

It's a miracle, but I managed to find brand new, sealed Naim SBL. Still can't believe they've survived for nearly 15 years in the package.



A great gift for my birthday and implementation of a long-standing dream.

In the evening I will open the box, and while exciting minutes of waiting.

Here are my old threads, will help you remember my way:



To be continued...


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Stevee_S posted:

Congratulations, fantastic, where on earth did you manage to find them? 

Yes, it really is a miracle!

The former owner bought them in 2003-2004, some of the last. Soon went abroad, where long worked. But they remained sealed at his home in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I accidentally found out about its history from a friend, contacted him and he told me they were sold. Now I'm happy, as always dreamed of Naim SBL, but even could not imagine that I would become the owner of a new!

The system is composed Nac52, Supercap, 2xNap135 got a worthy setting.

Gazza posted:

Amazing find. Might be worth a call to a Naim just in case they have any wise words on their speakers being unused for so long. Are the crossovers still at their best? Either way you are a lucky guy.

I have never opened them. Just brought home.

In the evening

One of our (erstwhile?) members here used to have a useful if rather irreverent site detailing how to set up a pair of SBLs. I'm not sure whether it's still out there in one form or another, but plenty has been written on here on the subject so probably worth doing some searches.

It's mostly very straightforward (and detailed in the manual), the only tricky bit is the gasket and seal.  One trick is to put a very thin smear of washing up liquid on the cabinet surfaces where the gasket is going to be placed.  This ensures that should you need to take the SBLs apart in future - i.e. you move them - then it's easy to do.

Make sure you have a good spanner and a spirit level - a long one, not one of those fairly useless round bubble levels. 

Get the bottom box absolutely level and as close to the wall as possible. The gasket attaches with its own sticky tape to the bottom box. You should not use any washing up liquid at this stage. Once the gasket is in place, you smear a very thin layer of the liquid on top of the gasket. That’s the only place you need it. (I hate to say this, but Richard’s suggestion of putting the washing liquid on the bottom box before the gasket is not correct, or if it is it certainly wasn’t what I was told by Naim when they showed me how to assemble SBLs in my house).

You then apply a continuous bead of silicone to the gasket, and then place the box with the bass speaker on top. Give it a gentle press down, so that the spikes make indentations in the pads, but not so much that they pierce them. If you apply too much silicone it will spread over the edge of the gasket and seal the two boxes together. That is bad. Just enough silicone is the answer.

Then add the top boxes with the tweeters, using the piece of cardboard to get the right distance. You can then play music, there is no need to wait. Check that you have the seal correct by pushing in the bass unit with your fingers. It should come out slowly. If it pops out immediately the seal is no good and you must start again. It’s actually pretty easy if you take your time. 

To add my two penneth. I cannot remember precisely, but don’t you also smear a very fine film of washing up liquid on the middle box so that effectively there is washing up liquid on both sides of the sealant?

If the sealant has gone off, it is really easy to source from any DIY store.

Very important though IMHO is not to press hard at all on the middle box as the spikes are sharp and will easily pierce the aluminium pads. 

Once set up though they are superb loudspeakers and with your 52 and 135s they will really perform. 

Thank you friends!

Opened, saw it. All intact, with the smell of Salisbury.

In boxes with acoustics was missing the crossovers, they are separate in the package was? And if the seller lost them, can I buy new now and at what price?

And another question. Crossovers must be Packed in sealed boxes?

Ah. I would check that the serial numbers on the SBLs match the serial numbers on the cardboard boxes.

I would email Naim with the serial numbers and find out if they were sold as an active pair without crossovers. This seems plausible. And if they were, I would ask for their help in finding crossovers.

Good afternoon.

Box speakers Naim SBL opened. To do this it was very nice, like opened honey wine with 15 years of exposure. Emotion has no limits.

Here's the promised photo.

And ahead of me is waiting for the process to install and configure.

Pleasant viewing.







 To be continued...


Richard Dane posted:

You could buy with or without. I do t think Naim have any anymore. They crop up secondhand though. Perhaps try Steve Hopkins at Naim just to check.

Hi Richard.

Long time no talk.....one of customers had new X-overs made for his speakers 18 months ago - only problem was that Naim could build the cross-overs, BUT didn't have the black plastboxes anymore, so the customer ha dto build these himself - I can get the drawing he made for this ( he is an architect ) - le me know.

ngarritson posted:

I thought I had the “find” of the year when I got a fully functioning 72 in good cosmetic condition with original box and MC cards for $70, but this takes the cake.  

Anyone else have a story to share about a great second hand purchase?

A mint pair of SL2s in Maple that matched the also rare Maple veneered Axess centre speaker and n-Sats (not so rare) all bought used. It took  a lot patiently searching used gear sites to get that lot together. Worth it though and no plans to replace any of it. Only issue is the grills for SL2s are starting to break down when handled. Did anything come of replacements for them? 

Richard Dane posted:

Rackkit, re. SL2 grilles, I think James at Tom Tom was on the case...

Thanks Richard, i'll get in touch with him & see how he's getting on. I know there was a thread about it sometime ago. Strange material Naim chose but then it's not just material stretched over a frame is it?




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