Active 606/707?

Yes Chris, rather nice indeed I bet. In fact the 707s will be demoed in active mode with 2 x 300DRs at an audio show in the East of England in early November. Not sure if forum rules allow me to say any more. I will certainly get along to it if I can. Having heard active 707s with 250DRs, I can't imagine how they will sound with 300DRs!

nigelb posted:

I have just got back fro the Audiobarn Kudos Titan 606/707 demo, or should I say 707 demo. There was a problem. This morning the 606s tweeters were blown by a faulty Supercap .......

To summarise first, I preferred the 707s driven actively by the 250DRs in comparison to the passive 300DR option. More scale, more extension top and bottom and more control at those extremes when listening to the active system. Music felt more, the only word I can think of is, complete. There was an ease to the active presentation, music was a little more relaxing to listen to but would still thump you fully in the chest when called to do so. The passive 300DR option on the 707s sounded very good but a little smaller in scale and to some extent a little more realistic in term of musical scale if truth be known. The frequency extremes were less extended but there was still an iron grip particularly over the bass with the 300DR. Indeed with active 250DRs the bass was very deep but very occasionally was reverberating around the rather large listening room. This I believe was caused partly by the limitations of the 272........

Next up 707s passive with the 300DR and the same Antonio Forcione track. .........

Well, maybe I'm just old school.

But I would have loved to hear that set up with Naims middle of the road pre (282).

Easier set up than a 552/252, but yet, Naim's Marque Separate capabilities. And here's the kicker, imagine how sweet it would have sounded with the Supercap/Burndy to aid in the minute subtleties, which Naim's Marque Separates can deliver.

Thanks for sharing your experience at the Audiobarn!

Nice Album, Antonio Forcione!

Listening to it this very moment!

Cdx2>282>HCDR>3 x 250.2>Fraimlite

Passive Tri-Amped Briks!

Next up, Snaxo 362/SC!

Enjoy your Music, The Why!


PS. Once Again, thanks nigelb!

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