Albums Synonymous With Just One Track...

...that you took a gamble on and were a) Glad you did and/or b) Regretted as it was otherwise a complete turkey?

I bought this on the strength of 'A horse with no name' and have subsequently bought nearly everything else by America:


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The OP's position depends on the strength of the single originally released from the album, ergo more singles than the less likely to be a "shot in the dark". Taking the meaning of the thread literally, I'd suggest "In a gadda da vida" (album and song) as a starting point!



Interesting. I like the whole Spin Doctors album, especially Jimmy Olsen's Blues and Little Miss Can't Be Wrong.

I got the Lenny Kravitz album "Are you goin' to go my way" for the title track. It is the only track I want to listen to, but  I don't plan on giving the LP away.

sjbabbey posted:

Surely the epitome of a one track album.

And maybe the epitome of a one-hit career as well. Even today the title track is embedded in posterity; it's on Rockband and was recently featured in an ESPN college football commercial. There's a level of irony in Greenbaum's lyrics who grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home, but there's no denying the appeal of a well-distorted electric guitar riff accompanied by hand claps.

Richard Dane posted:

Blue Oyster Cult - Agents of Fortune.  

I seem to recall that my older sister bought this album just for one track - Don't Fear The Reaper.  

And I later "borrowed" it from her, for just one track...

I also bought the LP for "Don't Fear The Reaper", and many years later on bought the CD for the same track. I still have both (th eCD now 'ripped' of course), although neither gets played very often these days

The rest of the album isn't bad though. In fact, I'm going to have a listen the rest of the album right now.  

Not quite in the same vein, but I played it last night and it sort of fits...

Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays - As Falls Wichita, So Wichita Falls

I first heard this in a record shop (the title track) and it just hit me on every level. I'd never heard of Pat Metheny before and assumed everything he did would have this connection with me. Sadly, even though I like quite a few Metheny albums, nothing comes close to the wonder of that track - and I've trawled the airwaves looking for something like it from him. What I've come to realise is that there's probably more Lyle Mays in that wonderful track than Pat Metheny.

Still, anyone who can point me in the direction of something that's akin to As Falls... 

Oh, and does anyone know what 36, 42, 55, 3 signify?

fatcat posted:

Roy Buchanan - Sweet Dreams

A mixture of blues tracks and country tracks. Very glad I bought it, even the country tracks are very good.

Sweet Dreams - oh what a track ... and what a guitar player !!!

Used very cleverly as the ending of the (brilliant imo) film "The Departed" ...

I have bought loads of albums for one track. I can reccomend Jukebox by Cat Power for the first track, an overblown fabulously powerful version of New York New York,  not even the whole song , about a minute or so but brilliant. The rest of the album is ok but nothing special. 

Next one is probably Rag n bone man for the track Human.

Bob F 

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