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DQ posted:


So a solution here anyway, I moved all the Echo devices onto the guest network. While they are still able to find other home automation devices (Nest) on the main network, they do not interfere any longer with Naim. 

Along the way, I learned that it is not only Naim devices that have issues with Echo, so do many AirPlay enabled devices. 


Good call David. 

Might give this a try. I am hopeful that Naim can provide a fix.

Simon-in-Suffolk posted:

 No issue with my Echo and home automation here with my  Naim, Apple Airplay, Spotify, and Sonos Connect ... am intrigued to find what the issue is that some people are having.... looking at my network, everything seems to be well behaved, but then I use Cisco network equipment.


Hi Simon,

Would be interesting to see if the Beta software you are using provides a fix? 

Bizarre that my Naim Muso's are not affected, just the NDS. 

 Dusty, it might be the beta Naim software has resolved some sort of issue, however I am not seeing issues with anything else either. I was sniffing the network as well because I was curious given this thread, and I couldn't see anything obviously suspect from the Echo.. and in normal operation Echo was quite benign with no apparent regular discovery messages from it whilst the UPnP discoverychatter  from the Naim and other devices  was regular.

Hi all,

Just posted this on a thread i started...just in case it helps anyone else with the same problem.


Just to update....drum roll......!

Phil kindly sent me a Beta version firmware to try which I was able to install on my NDS. Tried playing some music, all worked and then powered the Amazon Echo Dot's.......guess continued to play...brilliant stuff....!!

I'm not sure, how etc but this firmware has certainly cured my problem. I'm sure if you are experiencing the same problem and contacted Naim that you could also try this firmware (Windows Only, Mac version not available, yet).

Well done to all @ Naim. We are in great company here forum friends with Naim. They do get a rough ride sometimes and it's important to give them the good news and to say thank you as they most certainly deserve it, we are really lucky with the level/standard/service that we all get from them.

I did clear this with Phil, and asked if I could post this as anyone else experiencing the same problem as me will be able to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Now...Naim...hurry up and get my 500 in for service and DR upgrade....sorry couldn't resist!!!

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