Android App 2.0 Release and Uniti Core v1.3 Firmware Update

We are pleased to announce that v2.0 of the Naim Android app is now available for download from the Play Store. This release will enable all Android users to control the new Uniti Core as well as current Naim streaming systems.  A new v1.3 firmware update is available for download via the Naim app for Uniti Core - the app will prompt you to download the over-the-air update which will contain the fixes listed below.  There is also a small update for the iOS app, v5.5.2, which contains improvements for new and heritage products.  

Uniti Core 1.3 Firmware Update

Fixed: occasional unexpected reboots when indexing music collections
Fixed: CDs ripped off-line would not automatically look up
Fixed: some music categorisation issues with composers and conductors
Fixed: DHCP and static network configuration
Improved: network share discovery reliability
Improved: speed of discovery for Naim app
Improved: robustness when formatting hard drives
Improved: music database performance - this makes browsing your music from the Naim app faster

iOS Naim app v5.5.2

While we continue to deliver updates to support Uniti Core, we are also focusing on improving the classic Uniti product experience.

Fixed: occasional crashes while communicating with classic Uniti products
Fixed: sporadic crashes when playing classic Uniti playlist
Reinstated: the missing 'Check for Update' option under 'Settings'
Improved: UI and stability improvements for Uniti Core, NDX and Mu-so

If you have any queries regarding the Android release or firmware update, please contact your local retailer who will be happy to assist. 

Please note: the play store may take a couple of hours to update itself in your area.

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