Another Tellurium Q question

Well, after some 10 days of using the TQ UB, I can confirm it's a great cable indeed, extremely detailed and holographic, with a buttery sweet midrange. As to its downsides, it's somewhat lacking in the bass department compared to the Chord Epic Reference I had before. I mean the bass is well defined, but it lacks "volume" and depth. I would definitely appreciate somewhat deeper bass, especially as my speakers are known to be very good in that regard (Dynaudio Focus). Perhaps the cable needs more time to let fully burn in.

Just found some TQ PDF from 2010 where they tried to explain the phase distortion thing and gave some graphs and comparisons to other cables. 

This is what they say:

"Tellurium Q is different. With virtually no smearing due to its unique properties you will experience distinct bass notes with greater range. You will notice clearer mid and top end for similar reasons but also because Tellurium Q has a better bandwidth than most other cables too. At first the bass may sound a little light until you become attuned to hearing more of the bass notes because they don’t hit you muddled and squashed into a big pile but flow to you as you would naturally experience them in reality."

So I guess the bass is lighter with TQ cables, but they just want us to get accustomed to it as it's supposed to be more natural.

Did a great trick to improve the bass depth and overall SQ. Since I'm using a great piece of streaming hardware - the SOtM sMS-200 (a cheaper and better alternative to the highly praised Sonore microRendu) which is acting as a Roon endpoint in my system, I made a direct Ethernet connection from my PC to the sMS-200 instead of going PC-switch-SMS200. So I bypassed the switch this way. The internet connection to the PC is via WiFi. Then I bridged the WiFi and Ethernet connections and voila! Immediate improvement! And this is even without a linear PSU for the streamer.

Now the TQ UB cable truly shines in all its glory

Update: just received a Powerline today. First tried it with the HCDR - almost to no effect whatsoever. Then tried it with the SN and voila: absolutely fantastic! The deep bass is finally here with all its glory, and it's so well defined that I can hear every note even with crappy YouTube videos. The overall soundstage improved too, everything is so coherent now - the music just flows.

So in my experience the TQ UB cable definitely needed a Powerline to let those low frequences through. Which is a bit strange... but it works in my system! So happy