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Hi - After a long and unsuccessful journey trialling different speakers in my room from hell I am about to sell my Naim kit and buy Linn so I can use space optimization. One last thought was looking to obtain some form of digital room correction to use for my 272 - room treatments are not an option for me. Looking at Dirac it seems this can only be used if the 272 is connected directly to a PC - whereas I stream from a NAS connected to my 272 via a network (as I assume most do?).

Does anyone know if Dirac can be used if you are streaming from a NAS? If not is there anything similar that would work?


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The software you need is Acourate.  That is the one I use, the company, Audiovero, is based in Germany.  It is not easy to use; learning how to use at its full potential will take a time.  There are so many features and variables you can control.  I use the basics with very good results.  

Yes, you have to use a PC though they also have a module that allows you to apply convolution to the files in your NAS but that modify the files.

Before I rearranged my room to reduce its problems I did have a trial of Dirac - and didn’t like the effect, finding it ‘killed ‘ the music.However that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place or that it can’t improve things, just don’t ask it to do the impossible, and don’t over-compensate. When I tried it was with Audirvana on Mac Mini, my store-renderer, for  which Audirvana sent me a patch to enable it to link to Dirac.

in particular, it is not appropriate for fixing deep nulls - and to try risks damaging speakers: even if a null is a fairly modest 12dB down, attempting to raise its level by 12dB means applying 16x the amp power (and if the null is a cancellation due to standing waves, even that is unlikely to bring it up because it will just cancel more! Minor dips are less of a problem. Peaks and nulls due to standing waves need fixing at source by stopping the standing wave, if possible by re-siting speakers and/or listening position, otherwise with sound absorbent material (or a different room!), before refining electronically if necessary.

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Does anyone know if Dirac can be used if you are streaming from a NAS? If not is there anything similar that would work?

You could get something like a NUC, use that to run a software player and DIRAC then output (via a USB to SPDIF converter) to your NAC-N 272. 

Not very experienced in the area but like  you I have an impossibe room and unfortunately very bad positioning of the speakers due to space/furniture. I decided to try Dirac to see the effects and I am more than ipmressed with the results. It feels like a blanket has been taken off of the speakers. 

Dirac suggests optimising the room before applying the system but in my case the need is an improvement with a less than ideal situation. So I kept everyting as is (i.e. as bad as it is).

The results is really effective. You can fine tune the suggested corrrection curve to your liking. I still need some time to get things to an optimum level but as of now Dirac Live seems like a keeper.

The main system is PC based and you use it with a PC playing the music. I also have an analog rig so I looked at the miniDSP products. They seem solid. I may go with one between the pre and power to make use of the system for all sources. One hesitation is that Dirac announced an upcoming major update. It is not certain whether the current minDSP products will support it. So it may be better to wait a little bit more to see if miniDSP will launch new(better?) products with the new release. 



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