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I have a 250 gb usb solid state harddrive that I can plug into my 272 front panel to play tunes

It doesn't show the titles properly or art work at all 

When streaming from my Nas drive it works ok

I assume this is because I don't have a "roon?" Type program on the usb drive? Is there a free program that I can just dump on the drive that will sort this out so it all works ok though the naim app?

The Nas came pre installed with a program so I didn't have to worry about it

Any help appreciated

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Thanks Mike B

That's exactly it ..I have all the music on Nas ..but wanted to be able to have the same features but direct plugged in the 272

Is there a free software item that will package the music in a more accessible sounds great as is ..but looks crap on the naim app 

I'm not aware of any software that can be used to make the USB replay less clunky,  that said I've not looked that hard as I rarely play anything on the USB port.

I used it in the past as an SQ benchmark, USB is as good as the players SQ gets,  but once I'd determined my NAS via the all wired ethernet & switch sounded just as good,  I was done.   

When you access a file through the USB port that is EXACTLY what you are doing - access the file.  What you see through the UI is the file names in the file system.

On the other hand UPnP streaming from a NAS drive is provide by a server (running on the CPU of the NAS) that indexes the files to be searched via a database.  To find a track (data) to be streamed via UPnP you look up the metadata (Artist/Album/Track name etc.) in the database rather than using the file name.  The Media Server then finds the right file for you.

Unlike a NAS drive, a USB stick doesn't have anything like a CPU that can run a database application for you, so you have to stick to the file names.

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