Are there any Black Friday HiFi deals about?

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Is anyone aware of any decent HiFi Black Friday deal this weekend?

Or is it just business as usual with the non-competitive HiFi cartel, with no one advertising anything below the manufacturers RRP? 

I’ve seen Richer Sounds are offering a few deals but not by much and not the the higher quality products.

I find the general lack of competitiveness among dealers and throughout the industry  disappointing at times, no doubt some “hard working” dealers will have something to say about this, all I can say is, if you can offer better than RRP, you should advertise it!

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Not aware of any specific deals for this Black Friday nonsense, but all I can offer is that in the whole of my Naim journey from Nait 5i & CD5 through to the current setup, none of it has cost the full RRP. Movement around p/x value, a polite request along the lines of '...and what's the best price you could do this for?' once the process moves from potential interest to probable sale has always resulted in an agreeable outcome. That's with three different dealers, over the last what 5 or 6 years. 

Sevenoaks are doing A Black Friday Deal on Bowers and Wilkins 683 S2’s - £400 off.

From £1149 to £749 now that’s a decent 35% off.

Although you may have guessed I’m quite cynical, and these speakers have been around since 2014 ish, so I’m guessing this is an attempt at a massive stock clearance ahead of a new range.

still I’m in the market for speakers and I’m quite tempted.


hungryhalibut posted:

I got one today. It’s ridiculously cheap for what you get. Still, I’m not complaining.

Are these as good as the reviews suggest? Hugely tempted to put one in the living room, in place of the existing bits, bobs & cast-offs that make up the music service in there.

If you set it up right - first go into the setup, switch off loudness, then experiment with distance from the rear wall and the proximity settings in the app - the Qb can fill quite a large space with sound and can do a very convincing job of mimicking a proper hifi setup. It does need to be allowed to work with the room though for best results, so if you can be a bit flexible on placement and positioning, you'll be rewarded. I was demonstrating The Qb at an employee family open day up at Bentley a couple of weeks ago and was playing some John Martyn via Airplay off my iPad.  The first group walked in and said they were looking for the live singer and band that they had heard from the other rooms.  They were astonished when they saw the size of the box from which the music the playing.

Thanks Richard. Is the Muso a QB in a nicer suit (a la Arcam Alpha 10 DAB v FMJ DT-26. for the older viewers amongst us)? The Muso looks like the nicer bit of kit; if it's a better performer too that answers the question.

Biddler66 - there seems to be a bit of a backlog going on at the moment, I've been waiting for a 555 PS for a few weeks, due in December apparently. Naim being successful? Good.

Chris, the Mu-So Qb is a Mu-So in a cube.  It's a little less powerful than the standard Mu-So - 300 watts compared to 450 watts - and against the Mu-So's dual active bass drivers, the Qb only has one, but augmented with a pair of passive radiators.  It is cheaper though, and in some respects it may be the easier of the two to accommodate and optimise. At the current discounted price of £449, it's a bit of a bargain in my book!

Here's a picture of one I had on display at Bentley wearing an orange grille. 

More details here:

Richer Sounds are knocking out the Muso at the standard £795 and an extra 10% off using code NAIM10, which makes it a hard to ignore at £715.50 so there's now one under my tv where the spare tuner & minidisc player had been gathering dust since the Nait 5i was sold. Nice. It won’t replace the main stuff, but it’s pretty good. 

I thought I found some massive savings on speakers yesterday, I was connected on my company VPN, European headquarters in Holland, and the adds coming up in google where showing £1200 speakers at €750, then I realised they advertise the price of a single speaker, even though you have to buy in pairs, I got all excited for about 5 minuites!!

I’ve had my big muso for over 3 years now, it still has a wow factor, they just keep sounding better with age.

If it was designed as “bait” to lure a new breed of people into the Naim world it’s done it’s job, I now have a Nova and a QB as an alarm clock in the bedroom.

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