Asset UPnP Soon Available on Synology NAS

Adrian_P posted:

Anyway, as was said in the Asset forum, Mike, you should be able to open the management page by clicking the Open button for Asset on the Package Center main page or in the Asset config page itself. Can you see the Open option now?

No,  it the same as the screen shot I posted 15/09/18,  other than that nothings changed as far as I have found (so far).  The only difference I've found is a folder  "AssetUPnP-Data" has appeared in Control Panel>Shared Folder, it was not there with a previous release,  beta-8 I think.  

The AssetUPnP-Data folder has been around for some time. It's where Asset stores your config data, license key and music database. A change made in the current beta11 is to hide the share from File Station -- previously if you opened File Station you would see the folder listed with all your other shares. Illustrate don't want you messing with these files manually so they have sensibly hidden it. So, while you should see it listed in Control Panel>Shared Folder, it should not now be visible in File Station.

That you still don't see any Open option in Package Center is odd. I wonder if you have a clean install? There should now be an Open option for Asset in Package Center>Installed and when you click to see the Asset app page.

Hi Adrian;   when I first loaded an Asset beta - I think it was beta-6 - the AssetUPnP-Data folder was in the Shared Folder.  That install also had the link to the GUI.   Then Asset crashed on me I uninstalled & went back to Synology Media Server.   I then gave it another go & loaded beta-8,  the AssetUPnP-Data folder was NOT in the Shared Folder,  this install also did not include (show) the link to the GUI.  I did not check to see if AssetUPnP-Data was there with beta-10   Now with beta-11 AssetUPnP-Data is in the shared folder.  

I've too have been pondering how good this install is,  does it have an issue, missing or bad links.   The missing GUI link & 'Open' tab seems to indicate a bad install,  so I've uninstalled (again).   After uninstall I checked & noted the AssetUPnP-Data folder is still in the Shared Folder & I've also deleted this.  Additionally with this uninstall I've included a system restart in an attempt to clear out any detritus that may be present.

Now with beta-11 install as per above:    AssetUPnP-Data folder is NOT in the Shared Folder.    There is NO GUI IP#:45537 link.  There is NO 'Open' tab - only Stop & Uninstall.                     I had to go back into Configure to reset my preferences.       Apart from that Asset works.   

I'm posting this on Illustrate/Asset beta forum

Mike-B posted:
      Apart from that Asset works.   

That's the main thing, isn't it. The issues here are all fairly minor and relate to the package integration with Synology -- the core UPnP server is running fine. I hope that Illustrate can put the effort into adding the final polish to the Synology port, but the emphasis from their forum threads and feedback is on the operation of the core UPnP server.

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