atom keeps shutting off.

i have tried everything,( factory reset, reinstal app,  but still keeps shutting off after 10-30 min, runing latest SW. its on wifi ( not cable) wifi from timecapsule 4 meters away 5Ghz.

im getting craaazy


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What source are you using? There has been a known issue where some inputs are overridden by the auto standby setting, and would turn the unit off. This happened to me when I was trialling Qobuz via the Chromecast input. 

If this is the cause of your problem, setting the auto standby time to ‘never’ will stop it happening. If this doesn’t solve your problem, maybe you will need to look at your network. 

I would see if you can try it on a wired connection to see if it still does the same. Whilst I know this is probably not that convenient it will help identify if wireless is part of the problem even if you only temporary do it for testing  I would also check the WiFi channels being used by other access points or routers in your area as you might be getting overlapping with others causing dropouts. You can get free apps to check for this on phones such as WiFi Analyser. If your over lapping try s different channel that doesn't on your router.

hi all , it is for sure ( 99,5 % ) wifi issues, i just did a new setup and in that case re arranged my living room and cut the wire to my atom, BUT it did run ok for 2 month's and after ive got back from my 3 weeks vacation in japan it just pop's out now and then, i ive just bought 2 apple homepod's to my kitchen and they are suffering the same problem with (not) keeping up on connection, 

my solution is to buy a setup of linksys velop mesh network ( for my kitchen setup, and the rest of the house ) and run a new cat6 to my atom.

allways upgrade and never go down on new gear.

thank's everyone