Bauer dps 2/ Origin Live with Naim

Many opinions I guess. Recently I have purchased a s/h dps 2 with an Origin Live Encounter 9" tonearm. As far as I can see the armboard hole for the Origin measures 23mm, same as Rega arms or even the Bauer Unipivot arm. Am I right?

I wonder if I should look for another more suited tonearm such as the Bauer Unipivot. Second, are there obvious riaa`s and pu for it, balancing with my 272/250? The Origin tonearm comes with the deck and I`ve not paid that much for it.

Thanks in advance, Steinar

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Hi Steinar,

and welcome to the dps owners club. As you most likely know, there are some others around here. Has your dps the granite or aluminum base? If it is the former, this would be an obvious upgrade.

I don’t know the Origin Live at all, both the Bauer unipivot and one of the rewired Regas Willi Bauer offers are fine on the table.

The Bauer phono and something like a Superline/Hicap would be obvious partners. Try to avoid very low output cartridges with the Bauer, a Lyra Kleos or Delos is fine in this regard. The Superline is much more flexible and better sounding, for a noticeably higher price though.

What budget do you have in mind for the cartridge and phono stage?

Hei Mulberry

Thank you for answering. It`s looking pretty much like this. I must admit, I have not seen it yet, relied on the seller as a reliable guy.  Granite or aluminium I don`t know.

I got some great help by mail from another dps/ Naim owner here in Norway before purchase and was advised this was a good buy and I think it is. I will keep up this contact also as he is a several years dos owner. It`s still nice to hear another view on this.

So far I have read that the Origin arm is a little fuzzy to handle. That said, for it`s s/h price I guess it`s a good hit and was advised to keep it?

My budget could stretch to a s/h Superline/ HC and I guess that would be the obvious choice. PU 5-700 Euro. 


Bauer dps 2

dps has arrived some weeks ago, but not put into action yet. I have ordered new oil, Ruby ball and dustcover. Been very busy lately.

Still wondering what riaa to go for. Since vinyl is not my source number one (yet), I feel Superline/ psu even second hand SL/ SC at a good price is quite costly. Thinking of Rega Aria? Any thoughts? 

Here`s the deck with it`s granite base. I think I will start with a DV pu or even a Lyra as suggested.



I have the Origin Live Encounter Mk3c. It is a unipivot arm already so that wouldn't necessarily be the reason to change it for another unipivot arm. You can get the arm upgraded by Origin Live to the latest specification if you want to (give them a ring for a price). Personally I think it is a reasonable arm and I like the inbuilt VTA (much better than shims).  

I believe that you are right, Origin Live arms fit armboards suitable for Rega arms. There is alot of support about their arms (fitting instructions etc.) on their website.


I have found I will keep it as it is, get the deck and arm to know. I know there is upgrades both for the deck (motor and base only) and other arms, both to a cost of course. The Origin arm is both Rega and Bauer compatibel, ref the hole in the top plate. 

I will find a suited riia next, but that’s to worst part right now. How much should I spend on this. 

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