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i have enjoyed using internet radio to stream BBC radio “on demand” programmes. However it’s stopped working.  My Uniti2 reports “Can’t Play”.  It still works great for live broadcasts but not the old stuff. I’m reduced to using Bluetooth and the iPlayer app on my phone.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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ChrisR_EPL posted:

Been happening to me for a few days across numerous stations on live broadcasts, on R2, R4, 5L & 6M. Bloody frustrating too, it takes longer than usual to connect then drops out after a short while and refuses to reconnect.

In case anyone else sees this issue, here's one fix.

Unknown to me we had a power cut recently, net result being that afterwards all of the home network devices powered up at the same time, and although I've specifically set the NAS NOT to act as a DHCP box it does if it's first up. Powering everything down and then bringing things up in a logical seqence - modem, router, each switch (3) and then any attached devices finishing with the NAS drive has restored iRadio's functionality and it no longer struggles to connect or drops out.

I expect its something to do with the new BBC Sounds.     According to BBC blurb dept.,  BBC Sounds is a new audio app, bringing together live & on-demand radio, music & podcasts into a single personalised app.

I guess we need some info on how it affects Naim's iRadio from Naim HQ,  I suspect it will involve streamer firmware changes.  .     

Hi Gents. 

Have had a look and the BBC seem to have a misconfiguration which is resulting in a 404 File Not Found as it bounces through the n'th redirects to get to the final stream. 

I've let Jim and his team know at BBC Radio Engineering.   They're normally pretty good at nailing such things, I'll give you an update tomorrow morning. 




Here in Asgaard we've had an intermittent but persistent issue with streamed radio, especially Radio 4 on the Qb. Either it cuts out completely, full stop, or it drops out for a minute or so and then starts from where it left off. Ethernet or wifi makes no difference. However, the ipad, Macbook Pro, and phones all work fine on the wifi. At one point we sent the Qb back to the dealer for testing. It was fine, and a theory was developed that the local servers were unable to buffer sufficient resources for local demand.

Reecently it has been cutting out repeatedly and then starting up again after a minute or two. On Tuesday it was fully 10 minutes behind FM as a result. We contacted Plusnet who aked me to reset the router by removing the power cable and waiting for 65 minutes before powering up again. So far so good. But it does feel a little basic. Hardly worthy of a demigod!

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