BBC Winter Olympics sob-story mini rant


1) Winter Olympics always seem rather jolly, bit friendlier and less macho than the summer games. Sports you'll not see or hear of for another 4 years but are fun to watch when it comes around. Some require serious cojones.

2) Lots of sports that rely on judging rather than the stopwatch but I did not hear too many complaints over bias etc.

3) The BBC need to learn that just because you are a former or current athlete and look easy on the eye this does not automatically make you a good presenter or pundit. I do also find Ms Balding pretty wet and irritatingly inoffensive.

4) Maybe I'm not the target audience but I found the commentary on the freestyle sports either risible or deeply infuriating. Too much 'slammin it down', 'going big' and 'WOW' by far.


My feelings are pretty similar. I found a fair bit to enjoy, though not helped by BBC1’s too presenter-centric prime time slot and repetitiveness between that and the immediately following prime time BBC2 slot.

In addition, overall I felt the  Olympic spirit in relation to both North/South Korea and, though to a slightly lesser extent, the Russian athletes was a positive one, and the Games did the Right Thing. 

I do wonder, however, about the mechanism and principles of funding that seem to be more focussed on pushing some people towards medals than overall development and encouragement, though that is based purely on snipoets from the presentations, not on any real knowledge.

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