Best speaker cables for Naim Star

What are the best speaker cables to go with the Star?

My system is: Sonetto V  speakers, Naim Star, Nas drive, Nordost Frey 2 power cord and Wireworld Eclipse 8 speaker cable.

I want more detail at the low to mid-volumes.

Any suggestions?


Sally Horses





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Things seem a little out of balance here. A Star with a £1,400 power cord and speaker wires that cost over £2,000 for a 3m pair, and then £4,000+ speakers does not sound like a sensible setup to me. I can’t help thinking that a 272/250 or even a Nova, with NACA5 and a Powerline, would be a whole lot better in terms of sheer musical enjoyment. 

Welcome to the world of Naim  Sally Horses. 

First -  I 100% agree with the Hungryhalibut post.      Re your question: your Wireworld speakers cables look to be not ideal for Naim;  Wireworld don't publish any electrical parameter specifications & I'm only going on what I know about cable construction effects,  but I suspect that the complex Wireworld construction will give low inductance,   whereas Naim prefer high inductance.  

The obvious answer is to go with Naim's NACA5,  but alternatives such as any of the Chord Cables will do a great job.   (I use Chord Odyssey)        But please don't get into mad prices like your Wireworld.    In UK NACA5 & Chord Odyssey are about the same price at £30-£35 per meter (plus termination),  no idea about pricing in US,  but whatever it will be nothing like the Wireworld madness.      Finally the length,  although I believe its not so important with the new amps,  you should have a minimum of 3.5 metres (11.5 feet) per side to get the inductance load.    

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We use Crimson Electronics RM Music Link speaker cables on a UnitiQute 2b and have had excellent results.   Our dealer has done a number of entry level Naim systems for price sensitive commercial customers and he gave us this great recommendation.   They are cheaper and easier to manage than Naca5, and the stock plug works well into the back of the UQ.   They also sound great.

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