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Well tonight I have removed my 82 and twin hicaps from my Olive 250 active system and popped in a lovely 52 and carnt believe the difference.

It has opened up the sound completely, better bass, better detail, just better everywhere, so much so I can't believe the massive difference it has made, I now see what all the fuss is about with the 52 and even cold it's unbelievable.

If anyone ( like I was ) feels that a 52 can't be that much better than say a 82 even running a suppercap, then I am sorry to tell you that you are very wrong and like I said I would have not believe it myself until about an hour ago and I switched it over, even plugged my 82 and tried it with the suppercap just in case that was making the huge difference, but it wasn't, and it's not like my 82 is in need off a service ECT, as it's pots 8 upgrade and serviced not that long ago.

Anyway just very happy with my new sounding system 

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Good to hear

I sold my 52 a few months ago for a 252/Scap DR and it has taken me a while to be completely convinced of the benefits. There was something about the 52 that my new pair does not quite have, although in other areas it is better.

If you can stretch to a Scap (not necessarily DR) at some point your pleasure will be greater. Also check with Naim when it was serviced and if it is the 'final' spec (called Pots 8 or something). This is worthwhile doing as they did improve them over the lifetime of the product.


My 52 is one off the latter ones that came with pots 8, rather than fitted latter. 

Just need to get my new rack, with ball and cup, 10mm glass ECT and that should make it all sou d even better as at the moment I have a metal and glass rack that was made by a local guy that listern inn used, as he main racks for naim gear, but we are talking 20 years or more, so it time for an upgrade

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