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Guy007 posted:

Well after Tony and others glowing reviews, I pulled the trigger on a 203 - but I still have to wait a bit as the Canadian reseller will hopefully ship on the 30th Jan.  My Pioneer bit the dust and the kid friendly Samsung isn't doing things justice.

Looks like What Hifi like it too -



Was just about to post that review. Looks a bargain for the performance & features on offer.

I'm still slummmg it with 1080p but keeping an eye on all things 4K too. 



Ravenswood10 posted:

Likewise here - very pleased with the 203. I kept my 105 Darbee as I feel it has the edge in the audio department. I was going to sell it but  will keep both even if it means another shelf on the rack. Oppo certainly builds excellent machines

Betting that Oppo will do an higher end 203 with the extra audio performance at some point.  

nickpeacock posted:

Very pleased with Oppo 203 and new flat move in two weeks' time means I might just treat myself to a cheeky 4k TV...

While I do belief in the quality of the Oppo stuff, I am a happy owner myself, does the benefit also pay out for the non 4K content, which is the most right now....?

Upscaling standard blu ray discs is very good and is very close to what few UHD discs I have - which are variable in quality and not always better than the standard item. Also more than passable are good old DVDs which seem to survive upscaling very well.

The  BDP105 also does a passable job at streaming although not in the league of my NDS but then you wouldn't expect it too. It's also good to have DVD-A compatibility as I still have a few of those gathering dust.

Well, having had my 203 for a few days and played, CD, SACD, DVD and Blu-ray through my Denon 4308 amp, I'm suitably impressed.  My main player before was a Pioneer BDP-51FD, but the Blu-ray laser had an issue and could only read 60 mins (or one of the layers) before stopping, so it got changed to a kid friendly Samsung Blu-ray (which is just what you need for poorly treated kids library DVD and Blu-rays) for the last year, and the Pioneer was relegated to kid friendly CD duty on another system - which it handles very well.

But back now is the audio clarity and impressive, picture definition.  Even watching the Swordfish DVD from 2001, I thought it could have been a Blu-ray picture.

Two thumbs up.

I believe (reading the forums) there have been all sorts of teething problems with the 203. Personally the only problem I seem to get is an occasional stuttering picture when I'm watching my Sky Q box (which is routed via the 203 HDMI in). Not sure if this if the 203, sky box or TV !!

My 203 is sitting on a shelf not doing very much until the new FW upgrade arrives, hopefully early next week. The last upgrade caused awful lipsync issues so I've gone back to my 105D. Oppo UK technical support wrote this morning to say that the beta fix is riddled with bugs and US owners who have asked for it have ended up in a worse place! Not good. Count yourself lucky if your machine isn't impacted! Such a shame and not what I was expecting after my 105D - I'm glad I didn't sell it! I do have to wonder if Oppo rushed the 203 out prematurely. We need an Oppo Phil Harris on the job

Strange but true. Oppo technical has confirmed that there is an issue which they are urgently working on. Even stranger is that this that this doesn't seem to beimpacting all machines. I'm hoping it's not hardware related but there are an awful lot of people out there with the same problem. My issue happened after the last FW upgrade and seems particularly pronounced with UHD discs.

rjfk posted:

There was an update a few weeks ago, the second including the initial beta code update the unit shipped with was upgraded. Current firmware here is 20XEU-33-1229. This is the code I believe has the lip sync issues.

Thanks rjfk. Just checked & mine's 20XEU-33-1229B (guess that means beta). 

We've just watched "Mrs Peregrin's Home For Peculiar Children" on 4K BluRay & it played immaculately. I wonder if somehow the "official" update added something that screwed things up in comparison with its beta version? Breathtaking picture quality on the disc btw. 

Just watched my first BluRay on the 203.  First thing that struck me was the significantly quicker load and response-times to commands.  The picture quality is improved but the sound....oh,my! This is hugely better than my old 93.  Resolution is much shaper and the dialogue vastly clearer, even during heavy action scenes.  I'm very pleased with this purchase. 

Oh, and given some earlier posts I checked my firmware version, that I know was updated on installation. It is 20XEU-33-1229.  No 'B' on the end so perhaps the beta classification has been removed.  No lip-sync problems either.

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