Hi all just general advice. I finally got all my early naim kit running and it sounds amazing very very pleased. Quick question . I assume the cables are all directional and all cables have a rubber or plastic band towards one of the plug. What is the protocol on signal flow. does the band end plug go towards the line out or at the line in.

Also any tips on tweaks ect to improve the quality of sound always welcome

Im running an lp12 with a GRADO green (mm) into

NAC32.5 pre with a flat cap power supply

NAP250 pwr amp

into marl levinson rose buds 



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Yes I found that as well Ive always used amp racks and isolated from vibration as well as EMI. One thing I did find that was an amazing boast to sound quality was the use of a power conditioner. was quite surprised at the difference. woundering if anyone else has used a power conditioner. The one I have is a basic UPS but after hearing the difference I'm thinking of shelling out a little more on something more up market


My tip is slightly less easy to follow, but I suggest you substitute a SNAPS for the FlatCap. The SNAPS is the original, CB power supply Naim made, I believe, to power a preamp (not .2) and a tuner.

It has two independent single rails of 24V each and a fine Holden&Fisher transformer identical to the NAP 110's. It only needs to be dual railed, which means that it has to deliver both 24V rails from a single, 5-pin, DIN 240° socket instead of each from one 4-pin, DIN 240° (the first two from the right on the picture below), but that is something any competent and authorized lab can do in 30 minutes. 

Finding a SNAPS may need a bit of patience and some 2nd hand browsing around, but when you find one (either original or already modded) I think it's a worthwhile addition.

You'll so have a 'mini' HiCap which – my opinion only – will sound better than a FlatCap. Plus, it will match the rest of the amp section (and if I am not suggesting a CB HiCap is because I find the SNAPS more musical, less 'muscular').

(Richard, I think that for this tip a thread called the Teenage Corner could be opened.. but let's keep a low profile).



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