Calling all safari nuts


If any of you out there are considering a safari in the near future, may I recommend the Selous (pronounced Seloo) in Tanzania? I've just had the BEST safari ever there.

At over twice the size of Belgium, it is Africa's largest game reserve, and is also the least developed (it gets about 3,000 visitors a year, apparently). This means it is utterly pristine. It's not open country, like, say the Serengeti or Chobe, so you don't get cheetah there, or large herds of wildebeest, but it is exceptionally good country for lions, elephants, all the various types of bucks, kudu, giraffe, hyenas, wild dogs, buffalo, hippos and crocs (along the Rufiji River).

Hell, I even saw a leopard (fleetingly) - the first time I'd ever seen one (four previous safaris). It is also exceptionally rich in birdlife, especially kingfishers. pelicans, hammerkops, storks and flamingos. I saw a martial eagle kill an impala with its wing (and it was still there, jealously guarding the corpse when we returned several hours later).

We spent 10 days there (we followed it off with a week in Zanzibar, which was fab - especially the cuisine) and could easily have spent 10 more.

Kevin (brown 'n' peeling)
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Kevin (or do we call you Daktari now?)

Welcome back, old sport. I was beginning to worry...

I'm very jealous that you're able to get away for so long (workers in the USA are all scared to take vacations, and we're lucky to get two weeks a year), let alone somewhere as fab as Selous.



Why thank you kind sir. I'm back, refreshed and ready to spout rubbish again.

I know what yu mean - back in the mid 1980s I used to work for an American company in London and got a measly 15 days' hols a year. On holiday I met a Canadian woman who, when she used to work in Vancouver, got 18 days a year. Now she works in Saudi Arabia (not, I grant you, the most pleasant place in which to live and work) and gets 65 (yes, sixty-five) days' paid holiday a year. How cool is that?
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