Can the volume control of an AV2 be controlled by a Sky Remote or a Panasonic TV Viera remote?

Can the volume control of an AV2 be controlled by a Sky Remote or a Panasonic Viera remote?  I am trying to cut down on the number of remotes I use. The Panny remote can have numbers typed into its number keypad so that it can control different makes of AV amps/receivers, but it does not list Naim gear.

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It will depend on how programmable are the Sky or Panasonic remotes. Naim use RC5 codes - there are many code sets though.  Naim can provide discrete codes for each function for you but it will depend on whether the Sky or Panasonic remotes can accept them.  Alternatively can either of them "learn" from the Naim remote?

The other alternative is to use a Universal remote with learning capability that you can program to control everything. 

Hi Richard. I said Sky and I meant Virgin V6. My bad! My new Virgin V6 remote can apparently use 4 figure codes for many, many makes of TV and AV preamps. I don't think it's a learning remote though, as you don't use it'head to head' with another remote. I think it has thousands of them preprogrammed into an internal chip, and you have to cycle through them to find the correct one. Today I have managed to do just that, to set the V6 remote up with my old Panasonic AV amp which is still in use in my system. I now have a NAP175 and 150X to set up with my AV2, but it isn't quite ready to set up yet, as I need to sort out cabling.  But I will do that in the next few days, now that I know how to do the remote procedure with the old Panny AV amp. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your advice, or any further advice that you can give. Cheers!

Hi Nick.

I would love to be able to set up my Virgin remote to do the same....  Can you please give me some advice as to where you found the codes to control the AV2, or what they are (if you have a record of them?)

I just can't find them anywhere, and have tried the procedure that Virgin recommends without any luck.

On another note, I presume you may use Naim amps with your AV2....Do you leave them switched on all the time? I know this is the general Naim advice, but it seems folly to leave them on for 19 unused hours each day, just to have them ready for 4 or 5 hours viewing in the evening....

Any further advice would be very much appreciated!

Cheers, David

Hi David, I used to have all the AV2 codes, which my dealer obtained for me from someone at Naim. I've just rummaged through all my Naim documentation & alas, they're gone, but I'd be surprised if Naim no longer have them. Why not give Steve Hopkins a ring, or drop him an e-mail?

It's a bit too much to post on here - it should be an MS Word document of around 3 pages. Note that these are discreet command codes, not one code that covers all commands. 

I'll look to see if I have an old one but may be on an old drive packed away.  Best to just mail Steve H at Naim.

To use my AV2 with my Virgin V6 Tivo handset, I succeeded in following Virgin’s OWN instructions this afternoon.
This is what I did: (Virgin's instructions amended by me)
To Control your Naim AV2 using your Virgin TV remote
If you have your Virgin TV V6 box connected to your TV and with your sound system including a Naim AV2, you can programme your Virgin TV V6 remote to control the volume on your equipment.
Programming your remote using a code search
The simplest way to programme your Virgin TV V6 remote to work with your AV2 is by searching for the correct code.
  1. Make sure your AV2 and your TiVo box are switched on
  2. Press and hold down Clear and Volume Down at the same time until the light on top of the remote flashes green twice
  3. Enter the code 1999 to access the virgin remote's AV device code database – the remote's LED will flash green twice
  4. Point the remote at your AV2 and press channel up repeatedly until a code mutes the volume for the device – the LED will flash green each time a code is sent. Count as you try different codes. It will take between 50 and 60 goes (a few minutes) to reach the Naim AV2 code.
  5. When the volume turns off, press Mute to turn the volume back on, to test it.
  6. Press Volume Up / Down and Mute to check that the remote is working with your AV2. If it doesn’t work, continue to search using Channel Up until the next code turns off the volume, and repeat steps 5 and 6
  7. When the Volume and Mute keys work, press OK to store the code. The LED will then flash green twice
Good luck