Can we have a Nova progress thread please?

Pev, Naim conceded that the comms hadn't been good enough and said to the members here that they would provide some kind of update on the progress every week, and as far as I can see they have done exactly that.  

The progress itself may not always be what anyone wants to hear - particularly if you are waiting for "your" new Uniti, but considering they are doing what they said they would do, I'm wondering whether calling their efforts to keep the membership updated "pitiful" is perhaps just a little bit harsh here?

Agree with Richard they have by and large done much better recently, and now Nova is in production just want the Naim guys and gals to make us all perfect product. Having spent an afternoon demo with Nova and my Core and PMC 25.26, it will be worth the wait in the end.

I agree with Richard and feel that Naim's attempts to update the customers are a positive step. However, at the same time, it is no suprise that customers are disgruntled about the whole thing. I mean, considering the extreme delays in product releases, the price increasse even before the products were releassed and all the insecurities and the whole shroud of secrecy this product line has been under, it is not suprising that people feel disgruntled and let down. Granted, the delays and unexpected issues with the products may have not been anticipated however Naim's style of "keep ignoring customers and carry on" was the dumbest thing they did. In fact I would go as far as to say that it probably caused more damage than the rest of the issues. Naim should have been and should be very proactive in engaging with their customers if they hope to remedy some of the damage done. After all these products are for a niche market so they havent got many customers to play with in the first place.

Richard, the last post on the Uniti Update thread related to an app fix which only affected Muso and "Old Uniti" series products. My understanding was that the "progress thread" was to keep us informed about the new Uniti products and on that basis there was no update last week.

The update on the 25th August talked of triple shifts and flat out production yet responses to this thread in the last few days reveal that some dealers are waiting until October to fulfill pre orders and others have stock on shelves for instant sale. I now know that it's not just me that is left waiting and have a basis on which to ask my dealer why he and my order are being shoved to the back of the queue. This is relevant information even if not what I wanted to hear. What would count as a real update would be word from Naim on when all pre orders will be fulfilled.

Perhaps "pitiful" was harsh but Naim's communication still leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Pev, I asked and that was all that Naim could give us as far as an update on Uniti last friday.  Mainly because of the short 4 day week which mean't that the required meeting was pushed into this week. 

As for chasing up an order, really only your dealer can help you here. The forum is not the place for that - not even I can help you here as I'm not based at the factory.  There are sometimes other business reasons why a particular dealer is unable to supply, or it may just be that fulfilment hasn't yet got to that dealers place in the order queue.  A number of dealers pre-ordered for there own stock - I don't think it's possible to distinguish what is a definite customer order and what is just a stock order by a dealer because orders are all just under the dealer or distributors name.

I sympathise somewhat with Pev. I too was watching with interest the so-called weekly updates and found it wasn't always appearing on the Friday or, if it did, only contained news of app revisions. I would have been happier if an accompanying statement had simply said "no further update available on the Nova at present".

Silly, I know, but it would show that we had not been forgotten!

Having said all that, I should imagine that it was nobodys particular duty to keep the forum updated, and doing so was probably yet another thing to do at the end of a long and busy day ....... So, gratitude where it is due - Thank you, Mr Updater!

I feel Pev's pain at hearing of others enjoying their Novas as walk in customers while he, as a pre-orderer, is still waiting. Lets hope he doesn't have much longer to wait.

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