Changing from Superuniti to Nova

The issue with being unable to dim or turn off the display has been acknowledged by Naim and will be addressed in a future firmware update. Tallguy is spot on about the volume - I actually like it on about 80 as it makes the volume control less sensitive to clumsy fingers but YMMV.

I kept my Powerline and negotiated a discount for not having a PL Lite - I would try a full fat Powerline on loan before you get involved with posher leads. Your dealer's advice is very dubious IMHO.  

My Nova sounded way better than my SU straight out of the box and has continued to improve steadily, the difference was not subtle.

TallGuy posted:

Have you tried going into the settings of the Nova and increasing the maximum volume ? I think the Nova’s default of 85  gives it a lower gain than previous models. 

thx, will adjust & compare.
Nice having the standby mode as well, consuming much less power. Although I do like miss the classic look of the SU. 

Are the dacs the same in the Atom & Nova, does anyone know?

MDS posted:
Max_B posted:

To me, not having to install a NAS, setup a network properly, still have to use my Mac to rip CDs or buy files, not having to deal with switches, ethernet cables, backups, is well worth the cost of a Core. Life is too short to become electricians just to spare a few hundreds and waste hours of an irreplaceable life to fight with informatics, which is not for humans.



I enjoyed that, Max. Thank you.


You're welcome!


It's clear anti -US bigotry that we can't get the powerline light for the USA!  And do we get a discount on the Nova to compensate?   NO.  I  did get an offer for a mu-so qb for nearly half off if purchased within 30 days of the Noba but I think my dealer bore the margin hit.  Got me to buy the mu-so though....

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