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Just tested some straming cable but Epic wins for me. This cable is incredible fluid! Like quicksilver comes music out of my speaker, never thought that 1m cable can improve SQ....highly recommend!  ...but confused about the arrows they printed on the cable...they say the arrow should direct away from source! what is source if you have a streamer? The NAS or the switch? Strange..

Thanks  folks for recommending Cisco switch and Chord cable...highly appreciated! So my last stop for my digital journey is the Zen MK3 I‘ll get in a few days. 




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I have used standard cat5/6 what were lying around, Supra Cat7, Ghent/Belden, Amazon £5, Chord C Stream, AQ Vodka, Chord Indigo and Sarum, currently looking to move to a Synergistic Research.

So i can safely say i have tried a few (wasted a few quid), the latter few where the best.

Some notice no benefit, best to loan and decide yourself.

same...i tested some no-name cat 5-6, AQ Forest, Cinnamom, Vodka, Chord Epic and Shawline, step (as mentione) is the high-end range from Chord just to see if there is a big gap in SQ. The Phonosophie cable was by far the most extreme cable in that row...the SQ moves from "recording studio" to "concert hall"... so if you need more "space or air" around your set-up this cable is highly recommended BUT - and this isreally a warning- it's extreme and you should not buy it without listening!

I just replaced a throwaway patch cord with an Oyaide IS-707 Cat 7, ordered from the auction site and shipped from Japan. Nicely constructed with the fancy MFP8 RJ45 plugs and not crazily priced. Whether there is any variation with ethernet cables is certainly subjective but I definitely hear a subtle yet difference in sound and IMO enough to say an improvement.

Yes my switch to streamer cable cost £5, but that's not the reason I use it.

I use it because it was the best one of all the cables I tested; it beat all the so called 'audiophile' Ethernet cables I tested, a result that surprised me.

YMMV, but please test several cheap 'standard type' Ethernet cables before deciding - they aren't all the same and the best cable in your individual circumstances won't always be the most expensive cable, sometimes it could be the cheapest.

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