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I bought a chord signature din to din interconnect  and i notice when the cd is not playing and i turn the volume up i am getting a lot of buzzing noise coming through the speakers.II checked to see if it was a problem with the cd or amplifer sockets by exchanging the cable for naim din to din and the buzz had gone so its not a earthing issue. I have checked the pins on the chord cable thinking if theres a short on them or the earth had come loose.  I notice 3 pins are connected and i checked the resistance they read with no loss and they are not shorted either. I would like to know where the problem lies.

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Is the hum equal on both channels? If not, swap red with black (or whatever) at both ends of the cable and see if it changes.

if hum/buzz is predominently one channel and swaps over with the cable, then the cable is faulty (which as suggested above could be a solder dry joint).

If predominently one channel and doesn’t swap over it’ll take more thought, as you’ve already shown with another cable that the source output and amp input appear to be OK.

If equal or near equal both channels it is unlikely to be a cable fault as such, but maybe it is a cable more susceptible to induced hum from mains wiring than others. Try having the amp turned up enough to clearly hear the hum when you are bent over the equipment (but not a very high volume in case the following suggestion causes a plug to pull out), and move the cable around to see if the hum changes - proximity to mains cables and transformers in particular could be significant. if it does, then this cause is confirmed, and if you can’t find permanent positions for the cable and/or interfering source that reduce the hum to insignificant (to you), then the only solution would be to change the cable for one with good hum rejection.


Thanks for the replys, the hum is on both channels, i also have a chord signature rca to din connected to my anthem AV receiver. This cable also hums but a little less. I have tried moving cables away from mains cables but the hum is still there. It starts at 12.00 on the volume and is very audable at maximum level where as the naim cable is almost silent. No point in me sending the cables back as they are made this way. in actual listening levels ten to twelve i dont hear any hum so i guess its normal for this cable and  I cant fault the music  using these expensive cables.

AFAIK Chord offer a "lifetime" warranty covering defective materials or workmanship, so if you think there's a problem with your cable, I'd return it to your dealer and they can send it back for repair. It certainly shouldn't be down to inadequate shielding as that's one of the key considerations of Chord's design approach.

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