Connect hicap2 to nac 82

Yup, as per the manual illustration.  Hicap to NAC82 via SNAIC5 (banded end of SNAIC closest to NAC82).  Then take pre-amp signal from the Hicap to your power amp.  Make sure you have the NAPSC connected to the NAC82 and powered up, and that the 5 pin link plug for Upgrade 2 is fitted.

So you have got yourself a 82, enjoy as it's a good pre

Anyway here you go

Looking at the back off each unit 

On the 82 on the left had side are 3 pots in a row on the top with one below and next to that the napsc

Top left on 82 to right port on 1st hicap 5 pin to 5 pin

Top right on 82 to right on second hicap 5 pin to 5 pin

Then on the first hicap you use the next pot to the one you have connected the 82 too and that goes to the power amp

Hope that helps and enjoy

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