Dac V1 + Nait XS -----> upgrade


What do you think ?  the ideal substitute  for my XS ( wich is controlled by the v1 - variable output -  ) ......

1) SN 2  with Dac V1 fixed output

2) NAP 200   with  Dac V1 variable output 

Source :   flac  files  via  "daphile" 

tnx in advance  , Massimo

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Depends on yourselve. If you want to stay for many years with the new setup, the SN2 + DacV1 would be my choice. If you plan to upgrade to N272 later, the second option would be the way to go.

Do you miss anything on your current setup?

What do you want to reach?

Which speakers?


Allan Milne posted:


Is the 250DR not around the same price band as the SN2? that could be another option.


In the States, the 250-2 DR is about one thousand dollars more, quite a big difference, but I guess it depends on your income if you feel it's a lot more money or not.


ah - my mistake, sorry.


Can't comment on the SN2 but my own approach is to minimize duplication on the grounds that if you're paying for the same thing twice at the same cost point then it must be of lesser quality (whatever that means!) than the single component.

This may be an entirely flawed approach but, using it, would push me towards the 200 rather than the SN2 since you don't need the pre stuff that is in the SN2.


The above is probably not very helpful but good luck anyway,


The pre section of the V1 is better than the  XS  ( as Naim  suggest ) , but not in comparison with SN2 ( totally different circuit ) , perhaps the definitely setup should be the Dac v1 in fixed mode with SN2 .....but the "money" are many different

The difference in sound  respect a variable ouput mode /  NAP200  ,  is so important ?   dilemma......

Ardbeg10y posted:

But is the difference between a Nait XS and NAP 200 non-DR so big? Nait XS seems to be well regarded on this forum.

That depends on the speakers (how difficult a load they are).

The degree of difference between an SN 2 and a NAP 200 also depends on the speakers.

The Speakers  by Alberto Bellino 

Carico acustico/System - bass reflex frontale/bass reflex front port
Impedenza/impedance - nominal 5 ohm - min. 3.5 ohm
Amplificazione raccomandata/Reccomended amplifiers - 20W to 150W RMS
Risposta in frequenza/Frequency response - 30Hz - 20000Hz +/- 3 dB
Sensibilità/Sensivity - 90dB SPL 2,83V 1m, 1 channel, pink noise
Midwoofer - 2 X 7"(175mm) cono alluminio + ogiva/ 7" alu cone, phase plug
Tweeter - 30mm cupola morbida + guida d'onda 170mm - 30mm silk soft dome, waveguide

Crossover - BIWIRING II order, componentistica di altissima qualità/ II order top quality components
Cablaggio interno/Speaker wire - WIREWORLD SOLSTICE 7 12 AWG AUDIO GRADE
Dimensioni/Dimensions - L200xH1100xP350mm (WxHxD)-PIEDE/FOOT 260X50X400



Clic here    .......       Atlantys Grand



There's some useful information there (particularly the 3.5Ω min impedance and aluminium cones), but it doesn't specify anything about the complex impedance.

3.5Ω min impedance is fine for all the amps concerned, unless there is an issue in the phase response (and that isn't given).

However aluminium cones tend to be heavy and, as a result, speakers built using them often have high transient current demands.  If this is so in this case (and without phase information and DC resistance it's impossible to know if it really is the case for these speakers) that would favour the NAP200 and even more favour the NAP250DR.

Looks like easy to drive speakers. Theoretically, there should not be so much difference between Nait XS and Nap 200.

Another consideration: if you trade-in the Nait XS, or sell it, it pays already for a significant part of the Nap 200.  From financial point of view is the step-up not so big ...

I would really think more about the future. If you go for the SN2, upgrading to e.g. the nDac or a high-end streamer would me more feasible.


I agree the figures provided appear reasonably easy, but there are missing figures (phase response and DC resistance), and with aluminium cones the speakers could still be anything from a moderate load to a load that's very difficult to drive on transients.

The speaker manufacturer simply hasn't provided enough information (as indeed most do not).

If you'd like to use a streamer, then perhaps an end goal of a NAC-N 272 with XPSDR and a 250DR could be an option.

The NAC-N 272 is a better pre-amp than the SN2 (particularly if used with an XPS DR) and the 250DR is a better power-amp than the SN2.  If you go for an NDX you'll also need an XPSDR or a DAC like a Hugo to make the most of that, and you'll still have the limitations of the SN2's pre-amp.

Having owned a NaitXS for many years I have never experienced it to be fatiguing. Infact I really liked it's sound very much and found it enjoyable even with sources that are said to be "too good" for this amp. 

My Naim journey was a source first approach and I would take this route again. 

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