DBL bass driver rebuild

Hi Mario, that was quite a struggle !

Naim didn't have it. I tried many UK and non websites, some of which Naim advised, but they either didn't have it or would sell only to trade customers... at the end I found a shop in Rome who would order for me a minimum amount at nearly the exact spec Naim gave me (in terms of PPI and height), and even using a bit more than what was strictly necessary I had four times the amount that I needed... but the old foam really did need replacement to keep its acoustic characteristics; after more than 10-15 years it just starts to crumble, like the foam grilles, and starts to loose its acoustic absorption characteristics.

This is what remains of the foam sheet.



sbilotta posted:

oh, forgot to add that when I opened the LF cabinet, the acoustic foam within would crumble with the slightest touch so I'm changing that too; if you need the exact specs just send me an email (in my profile page).

The HF Cabinet foam on the other hand is different and is still in good condition; the foam is around the mid driver zone whilst in the top tweeter zone of the cabinet you have a wool mesh kind of padding.

All the best.


Hi Stefano

I need to repair my 1998 DBLs.

Can you please tell me the specs of the foam inside the box?



sbilotta posted:
Ron Toolsie posted:

Try gasket tape...you can buy it from DIY stores by the roll for the price of a pint. I used it with one of the DBLs, and it passed the 'driver compression test' and was indistinguishable from the genuine gasket in that regard. Why spend near 200 quid for tar that can be gotten for a ha'penny ;-)

Out if interest I tried the gasket tape initially without the silicone sealant....it failed the compression test. After the required sealant bead was applied it was as good as new. 

What kind of gasket tape would that be Ron ? (Neoprene Sponge, PVC foam, ...)

Mine are fine but good to know.

"Italic" gasket: "Il Guarnitutto Mousse-Tak autoadesivo" produced by CASAPROTETTA mm.10x5 - m.15


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