dBpoweramp ripping weirdness

Stephen Tate posted:  
Yes, i'm starting to think the whole thing is corrupt. I.m going to stick with a physical format, my NAS will be used for gaming instead. Back to CDs and vinyl for me.

Please don’t give up on this,  it’s a minor glitch,  why throw in the towel without at least doing something, it’s only you that will suffer, have you posted this problem on the dBpoweamp forum yet,  if so I can’t find it.  The bottom line is somethings gone wrong at your end,  OK anyone can have a problem, but the vast majority of dBpoweramp users have zero problems,  I have a single problem that I know is in my DVD drive,  it’s not an actual dBp problem as such, but even so the problem only occurs with AR,  SecureRip works perfectly.   

So please don’t quit, at least ask dBp MrSpoon forum the question

You are absolutely correct Mike and thankyou for your positive kindness. I have joined the dBpoweramp forum and Mr Spoon suggested I go and have a look at my security settings. Well; what do you know, I do now remember changing some settings not so long ago but had no idea that it would of effected the CD ripper software. I am very pleased to say that the desktop icon has reappeared (after I uninstalled and then reinstalled) and I am now secure ripping again! 

I still get the configuration box pop up but I just press the configure box and the drive gets to work. There are still a few niggles to iron out but hey, i'm back on the road again! I was really starting to feel down hearted but hey ho, I live and learn...

Stephen; stick at it, even though it must be a year by now of you in turns wanting to give streaming a go and then giving it all up. Do us a favour tho; screenshots. Photographs of a screen are a bit 1990s. Try this. Click on the application (e.g. DB PowerAmp) that you want to capture a shot of, then press Alt + Print Screen (or Alt + Prt Scrn), then open Paint & copy [Ctl+V] that captured image & save it. Or type WInKey + Snip then Enter to fire up the snipping tool to take a screen grab, and save that.

I get that you find computers a chore, but stuff like this is trivial and makes it so much easier to get the bigger picture, literally.

audio1946 posted:

some having problems with no metadata are saying that on of the meta providers AGM IS NO LONGER Availabling and should be disabled  ,I cant see how this is done when ripcast/asset when viewed with windows home server . some common new  cds dont rip saying on screen no meta datais available  if I rerip this cd on JJ RIVERS it will find the metadata ok.   from the home sever page how can I access meta data providers and disable the problem AMG THANKS

I also cannot find the Meta tab where I can disable AMG. Where is it? It's not in the top left corner. (Although there is a button, I can't find/see any option to remove AMG)
Mac OSX Mojave, DBPowerAmp V15.8

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