Detectorists - Series 3

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New series starts tomorrow on BBC4. 

Looking forward to it. Interview this evening on Front Row (Radio 4, leads the programme) with Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones. Sounds very good, although likely to be the last series.

Apparently Crook actually does metal detecting - I never knew that.

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Loved the first two seasons of Detectorists, and looking forward to the third!

Any recommendations for similar shows?  Also enjoyed the Irish show “Trivia”, which had a similar, quirky feel (but also a lot of heart).  Shame it only lasted a couple of seasons.

Hook posted:

  Shame it only lasted a couple of seasons.

All the best ones last for two or three seasons (at least in the UK). Think Fawlty Towers & Porridge etc. If you want a really quirky series check out "The League of Gentleman".

I don't know if it ever made it across the Atlantic but it was a ground breaking comedy when it first came out over here. Very dark but very, very funny. As one of the reviews says - "This series is Stephen King meets the Twilight Zone meets Stanley Kubrick meets Monty Python".


Anyhow, back on theme, I thought last night’s episode was excellent.

Gushing spoiler alert.

At first I wasn’t sure, new characters and locations in Lance and Andy’s lives had interfered with my expectations of more of the same and my comfort had been interfered with. And then I realised that of course I was a little disconcerted, I empathise with them and have enjoyed observing their quiet life travails to such a degree that I was merely reflecting their own discomforts brought about by two years worth of change. Only the change for me was overnight. Masterful.

I think you’re over thinking things. It wasn’t very enjoyable, because it wasn’t very good. But that’s only to be expected, the first episode in most series is just an exercise in setting the scene.

With regards to recommendations for similar British programs, Blott On the Landscape is worth a watch. (in fact that series sprung to mind when the developers where discussing the solar farm in the detectorists).

Clochemerle might also be worth a watch. Although, I have the DVD of the series and it’s not aged that well and the picture quality isn’t the best. But still enjoyable.

Got round to watching it last night. Was series 2 really 2 years ago? Crook seems to have got even thinner and Emma Peel and her daughter look much much older. I shall have to watch a few episodes of The Avengers later on, one will have to be 'The Hellfire Club.' 

What happened to the job in Africa?

How come the TR7 is still going?

Why were we go away when the episodes using The Crown at Glemham were being filmed?

Wonderful gentle humour. 30 minutes fly by like a brief moment in time.

Hungryhalibut posted:

I watched this for the first time last night, and really enjoyed it. It was good to hear the Unthanks at the end - if it wasn’t them it was remarkably similar. 

H its was the Unthanks, apparently they are friends of  Mackenzie Crook ( Lance) who created and writes the show.

ATB Graham.

There is an interview with Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones in today’s Sunday Times, unfortunately this looks like it will the third and final series.

Somehow I managed to miss the Christmas special, which annoyingly, was not shown when the second series was repeated recently.

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