DIN 5 pin DIN 4 pin cable for Superline setup (from SC to Pre)


im currently using a chord signature TA to good effect, clear difference between that and the lavender but so is the price 

i will probably go to sarum as I've started this with the speaker cables got 2/3 rds of them, they are a huge difference but then so is the cost

why not experiment by buying s/h 

coomon options are:




witch hat

i did just that with a different type cable some time ago, it transpired that I preferred the Naim I already had so off it went to the fishy place, doubt there was more than a tenner in it either way




my intention is to do a Sarum full loom

but even s/h or ex dem this represents a sizeable investment and we should be mindful, does the system warrant these high end cables 

there's been a lot of posts lately discussing very expensive cables, above Sarum without the relevant black boxes in place to realise the gains from esoteric cables 

I'm going for sarum on the basis

my LP12 is maxed out 

the DBLs are here to stay

the 52 will go - there is only 1 upgrade here

the 6 135's will go - there is only 1 replacement for this ( albeit 3 of them )


I totally understand Lyndon. I am still with all basic cables, but went for recap and dr of my 552 and 500. Going through the famous burn in rollercoaster ride right now.  Next stepp would be an own dedicated supercap dr for the superline. And that is where the 4to5pin comes in.


Looks you have an adventurous journey ahead. If i could only host some DBL at home - But still very happy with my SL2.


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