Do you think Naim should (or could) retrofit Qobuz to the 272 with an update?

I stream Tidal via BubbleUPnP server to an ND5XS/nDAC/XPS. Sounds really good 👍

It's nice to own the CD though and cheap as chips these days. And of course there is Hires. I've just bought "Buddy Guy - The Blues Are Alive and Well" as 24/96 download based on listening on Tidal this evening.

JimDog posted:

Pev - that's interesting.

If Tidal is just as good as local streaming, then why do I bother to organize local streaming? Only if I have a lot of CDs that are not on Tidal (or have worse versions on Tidal).


It seems that the quality of Tidal versus local streaming varies according to your system. Some people report Tidal as sounding much worse whereas in my system and in many others they are indistinguishable. If you are as lucky as I am then streaming is probably the way to go - I haven't bought a CD in years.

For other people streaming will never do as either they like to own things or they fear streaming will somehow disappear leaving us without any music. Only you can make this decision but there are several long threads on the topic in which the arguments are fully aired.

JimDog posted:

Simon - sorry I'm being thick, but can you explain this:

"the BubbleUPnP Qobuz/Tidal Server proxy should shortly provide local streaming / Qobuz equivalence on the new streamers just like it currently does on the old"

Hi JimDog, put simply running BubbleUPnP Server to stream Qobuz, converts Qobuz to make it appear effectively like local NAS sourced streams... therefore with transcoding enabled, for the same master there is no effective difference, and the underlying network transport dynamics which can affect the streamer ‘sound’ become the same for Qobuz and locally sourced media.. because as far as the streamer is concerned Qobuz becomes locally sourced media using this proxy method.

Right now the legacy streamers can handle pushed gapless streams via UPnP, which is a technique Bubble UPnP uses.. ie Qobuz is gapless this way. Unfortunaly the new architecture streamers don’t support this functionality at present, but Naim developers are aware and are working on releasing a fix so I understand.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised how good Tidal Hi Fi is on my Nova. Not quite CD rip quality via my Core. But good enough that I would trial music on Tidal and only buy CD for high quality recordings that I’ll listen to regularly. If I was younger and starting afresh, I’d say Tidal is good enough for a stand-alone source for the cost.

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