Having the Bathroom refitted. Dust is just everywhere and even making my nose bleed.

Have taken measures to minimise fallout. 

Hifi System is covered with at least 25 years worth of normal dust.

gonna take a lot of snake oil to clean it all up.

Anyone have any tips on avoiding fallout. Minimising the situation or other useful anecdotes regarding dust ??


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Hi Toby,

Can't offer much in terms of your situation.Maybe alot of work with the Dyson.

Thought I would contribute to your post as I have just returned from seeing an old mate who is 70 and a bachelor since his divorce in the 1980's.Anyway his flat resembles something from the 1970's...Wicker book cases,lights with curly flex hanging from the ceiling,a Hygena G plan kitchen.You get the drift.Anyway the dust on ornaments and stuff is a given.We are talking decades !

He also has a big bottle garden but the contents have been dead in there for the last 15 years and its like a dusty hole in there.I think he does hoover but stops short of getting the duster out.He's got a wicked sounding valve SET system though with big Focals and just upgraded his TV to a Pioneer 4K  55" set which is one down from the top model in the range.Wicked picture.So hes got his man cave sorted entertainment wise.

Best thing is sheet up the affected area - if it is a room then that can be just the doorway, with a double layerof heavy guage one fixed to the inside of the frame and the other the outside, with openings staggered. More effective and easier to use, though more work is to build a simple porch-like cubicle outside the door using simpe tinber framing, or even taping to ceiling and walls, with overlapping layers of plastic sheet as the entrance and exit ‘doors’. Think of it as an airlock, though of course it isn’t sealed. If space allows if could be made large enough to take overalls off and change footwear in the porch. If worth it you can get plasticsheeting doors with zip-like closures (though no idea where from). You can even hire a hire ducted fan tharpt can be put through the window and sealed up with plastic sheetin, able to create negative pressure in the room, fitted with filters to catch the dust (as commonly used by asbestos removal contractors).

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