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I hope I am not asking something I could have found somewhere in the forum (I search and did not seem to find the answer).

I have purchased a Naim Unity Star, of which I am totally happy.

I love the edit function when ripping CD, I also learned how to manually drag files in the folder so that they will show up in the library.

Is it me not finding the way to do it,  or once files are manually imported in the external HD, there is no way to edit the metadata as you can do with a ripped CD?

To have the songs displayed without 01 or „.wav“ the only way is to convert them in (for example) Apple lossless.

Or is there a desktop NAIM equivalent to iTunes to edit the files on my computer before importing the wave files in the store?

Thanks for your help.

Regards from Hamburg, Germany.


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Max, you can only edit CDs you have ripped on the Star with the Naim app. You should edit other music files on your computer before you put the USB storage into the Star. If you are a Mac user, Metadatics is a very good app for this sort of metadata editing. 


Music files (e.g. purchased from a high-res store0` must be edited on a computer before you upload them. Most high-res files will contain metadata. However quality of the data varies - genre is the most typicaly inconsistent data I found.

Metadatics is the best software I’ve found for that - it costs around Eur 30 or so, but it’s worth the price.

Once the appending of metadata is complete, you can then upload it to your Star.

Thanks Adam and Chrissu. I understand from your reply that editing the metadata for wave files with iTunes would not work, is that correct? (The alternative to not having numbers or extensions in the titles would be converting to Apple Lossless, at least according to what I have discovered).

Is Metadatics also allowing to merge CD1 and CD2 into one? 

Has the N-Serve software anything to do with what I am trying to do?

The Naim App allows me to edit only the data for the CDs I ripped with the Star, not those imported manually, from my Mac into the HD.


WAV files can be edited in the same way as AIFF. No need to convert them.

iTunes is lousy at metadata - do not use it (and this comes from a long-time Mac user )

Metadatics will do anything you can imagine - ‘merging’ of CD’s essentially boils down to assigning new tags / metadata to the files.

n-Serve (like Naim app) will only edit ripped files, not purchased dowloads. That is why both Chris and I suggested Metadatics.

Thanks for the precious tip, Metadatics was a great suggestion. It now works to edit the wave files imported on the HD and not ripped with the Unity Star (the reason is a vast CD collection in a different city than my usual residency where my Star player is and the fact I like digitizing LPs, which I would like not having to compress only to have a nicely looking info on the screen).

One last doubt: Does Metadatics only works when intervening on the files in the “Store” that have been manually dragged into the disc, and not with the files ripped with Star?

I have tried for example to merge two discs into one (a double CD ripped with Star) and it did not seem to work.

Is it not possible to change the metadata of the files imported with Star?

Thanks a lot

Since I do not own a Uniti Star it's difficult to comment, but yes I think this is possible. However, not with the Naim app. Move the music files to the same folder as where you put the downloads and use Metadatics (I use MP3Tag which has this option for sure).

@Klout10 I have tried and it does not work. Both Chrissu and Adam said that the files ripped with the star can only be edited with the app (but except the edit metadata function, I can´t see how to merge 2 albums).

By dragging the wave files from the CD2 folders to the CD1 folders made them disappear from the store, before and after trying to correct the metadata with metadatics

Hi @Adam Zielinski

1) When it´s a double album (2CD) to have the whole songs one after the other instead of displaying in the store as CD1 and CD2, certainly nothing one cannot live with... but a library of albums looks much nicer when an album is one icon and a set of songs.

2) I use a HD connected to the USB port. Understand about moving them out and creating another folder (which brings us to the fact that the Naim app edit will not be available).

All the above is nothing compared to the beautiful audio of the Star, which ultimately should be what matters.

I have read a couple of things in the forum and despite they possibly should be asked in a a separate thread I would like to ask

a) is it a fact that the previous firmware sounds better or some users opinion? Isn´t the sound of an amp mostly its hardware, why would a new firmware affect it? Digital filters?
b) is it true that a store can contain (visualize) a max of 20.000 songs? That would make it roughly 2000 albums, which is many but it could be less than a collection/archive


1) I sometimes find that double albums are a bit long to listen to in one sitting, so I tend to leave them apart. If I do want to listen to the whole thing, it’s a simple matter to select the first album, then go to the second and select ‘queue last’ then you get the complete double album in one go. 

b) I believe the 20000 limit is more of a rough guide to how many tracks the streamer can index, rather than an absolute limit. Still, with a much larger library I would transfer it to a NAS. 

Point 1:
Just create a short playlist consisting of two albums: CD1 and CD2. Use that playlist to play the album.
Personally I would not alter the metadata of those CD and try to merge them into one.

Point 2:
If you are using an external HD, just remove it, plug it into your laptop. Append the metadata and re-plug to your Star. Let it re-scan. As easy as that.
NEVER EVER modify ripped thata. Only externally made rips or purchased tracks should be modified.

As to firmware - just trust your ears and do not pay too much attention to what other people say. I upload all the firmware as it becomes available. I never obses about what may have changed - I just enjoy the music

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